Welcome to the University of Warwick Anime and Manga Society! Main series showings in MS.02 from 19:00 every Tuesday. We also have a discord server!

Warwick Anime and Manga Society

The Anime and Manga Society is Warwick's student-run society for anyone with an interest in Anime and Manga. The society is for anyone who would like to meet others who share these interests, or who just want to join us for one of the many events we run each academic year.

Our regular viewings take place in MS.02 (on the ground floor of the Maths Building) , starting at 19:00 every Tuesday during term time. These events incorporate time for socialising as well as watching anime, so they're an excellent opportunity to meet others and have fun. In addition to this, we also hold many socials and other events across the year!

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Weekly showings

Our regular viewings take place in MS.02 (on the ground floor of the Maths Building) , starting at 19:00 every Tuesday during term time.

Meal socials

Come join us for our meal socials. We usually go to Japanese style restaurants in the Coventry area.


Join us for an evening Karaoke session featuring all types of music from Anime openings to Western classics! Held twice a term and announced here.

Movie Nights / All-Nighters

Come along to our Movie Nights and All-Nighter events where we watch a collection of movies or shows respectively.

News and Announcements:
Covid-19 Information

As you may be aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to most, if not all, in-person events that societies want to run. The Warwick Anime & Manga Society (WAMS) is no exception - however, we have made plans to ensure that our events run as smoothly as possible, and that you will still get the most out of being a member.


Events we are running

Firstly, our main event has been split …

Category: News, Posted by Danalite on 22 Sep 2020

12/09/2020 Exec Meeting Minutes

Begining of meeting

Chih: Unfortunately, based on government announcements recently, it seems highly likely that all of welcome week will be online. The SU have said they will give guidance on Monday, so we can react again on Wednesday next week in another meeting. For now the plan is prepare for this eventuality. The silver lining is that we might at least face less competition with more events being online. As such I have prepared …

Category: Minutes, Posted by Danalite on 13 Sep 2020

27/08/20 Exec Meeting Minutes

Beginning of meeting

Chi: First, to clarify all limits of 25 ppl at welcome week showings INCLUDES up to 5 Exec/helpers. This means we need to determine how many Exec to have at meetings, but we will return to that later. Events are also capped at a duration of 2hrs. We currently can only show 1 film per event, with max length 105 minutes to account for time to setup. We can still show 2 …

Category: Minutes, Posted by Danalite on 28 Aug 2020

Upcoming Events:

Welcome Week Event 1 Details


Sept. 30, 2020, 7 p.m.



Welcome Week Event 2 Details


Oct. 3, 2020, 7 p.m.