Minutes - Feb 10


Posted on 06/01/2024 by Ana

All Exec members were in attendance.

It’s a new exec, and since we’re meeting on a Friday (save us), we’ve decided to start off with Main Series voting! A bit of an atypical format, but it should save some time compared to the usual 8 hour meetings.

Conran begins by explaining the voting format to the new exec, and this time, we even have a whiteboard to vote on - usually we’d do this all on a blackboard so some of us are overjoyed at the lack of chalk. Andrew wished to last-minute propose Hidamari Sketch for the voting process, so we added it to the table.

Main Series Choices

We then kicked things off by going into all the choices. We tried to put up Sonny Boy, but after realising we’d veto Vivy (again) if it came up, we decided to remove it from the list as well as it’s only fair. One last thing before we get into the choices, THE DISPLAY. THE DISPLAY IN THIS ROOM FORCED EVERYTHING TO 60FPS. SO ALL THE OPENINGS LOOKED HORRID (to me, Jack, Alex and Hawari at least).

Elimination Rounds

Here are the pictures as per usual!

And with that, there’s our final Main Series:


Then, the next order of business is sorting out our timetable for this half of term. We talked about holding BFK and settled on Week 10, end of Term 3, as per usual. We also noted to amend the timetable for Thursday Week 6 as we’re holding a meal social then, and not Wednesday.

We also mentioned there’s a screening of Kaguya-sama’s new movie special at Showcase Cinema on Wednesday of Week 6. Jack and Ethan agreed to be the exec supervising for that. We decided to put out an interest announcement ASAP.

We talked about the upcoming UWCS collab as well that had been proposed - we decided to explore the option of looking into attending their Friday Night Gaming event. We also mentioned the need for a new Anisoc Draws event to come up soon, and the librarians agreed that the library would need to be present at this social. We’d iron out a plan for deposits soon as well.

We then discussed collaborations between other universities, specifically Birmingham or Lancaster, but this quickly moved forward into discussion on attending HoloFes, for all the HoloLive fans out there.

We then had a pretty large gap on the timetable, which we discussed filling in relation to not knowing whether we had upcoming collabs.

And of course, we had to talk about Costco prices. Hawari made a huge point about a 17p vs 7p per cup difference which is very important in our current “we really don’t have any money as a society” climate. No discussion is complete without talking about Goody’s as well. We talked about who is the most trusted driver in the exec, and someone mentioned several members that have cars to transport us to Costco (which we immediately vetoed because those might be our last car rides ever).

The following discussion is real and factual:

“What if we bought frozen pizza and used my oven?” - Ethan

“What if we got all the Westwood freshers to use their ovens for simultaneous pizza?” - Hawari

“We have THREE Westwood kitchens at our disposal!” - Ethan

“You won’t be in Westwood next year…” - Conran

“It is a temporary solution.” - Ethan


We also briefly touched on handover packs, and how we’d need to provide our details to Conran ASAP. And we also decided to change the way we count Main Series voting to prevent the whole “last show wins” paradox - we’ll count the votes privately and announce the final winner once all counted.

We then finally talked about the new exec’s responsibilities - Conran went through the specifics of the roles and the procedures for Exec Choices and showings.