How to map a song for karaoke

Original Guide by Zoggoth

You'll work out you're own way of doing stuff. I've been pretty specific about how I do it since I know exactly how and why I do everything but I'm sure everyone has a slightly different way that works best for them.

Mapping takes approximately 1 hour per minute of song you want to map (repetitive songs are probably faster, you'll be slower while you're learning).

Programs needed:
Optional programs:
Step 1: Making the basic file
Step 2: Quick fixes
Step 2.5: Crash course in the Ultrastar Editor
Step 3: Note Timings
Step 4: Note Pitches
Step 5: Note Length
Step 6: Fixing things up

The above 6 steps should be enough to map most songs.

Advanced Stuff:

How the file works

Here's a line from a file: : 136 9 17 Hold

: means sung, the others are * (gold note), F (spoken), R (Rap), G (gold rap) but some karaoke programs can't use rap.

136 is when the note starts, 9 is how long the note is, 17 is the pitch, "Hold " is the lyric.

Lines like - 282 appear in between lines of the song, 282 is the time the next line should be displayed, if there is an instrumental section you can put an extra line like:


To get rid of the previous line during the instrumental section. Some karaoke programs treat these numbers as a suggestion, so don't worry if it doesn't seem to be working exactly as you say.

The file ends with the line "E" for end.


The UltraStar editor doesn't support duets, if you load a duet and then save YOU LOSE HALF YOUR MAP. Map 2 songs, copy them and store the copies somewhere safe, then combine them into one with

First Part (get rid of the E line at the end)
Second Part

The parts are named at the start of the file with #DUETSINGERP1: