Minutes - Sep 24


Posted on 06/01/2024 by Ana

All Exec members were in attendance today!

Societies Fair

A reminder for the exec to fill out their shifts. We all decided on when we’ll be at socs fair accordingly.

Exec Introduction Slides

Conran also reminded us to get slides done for Tuesday night, in preparation for exec introductions on Wednesday and Thursday.

We had a slight detour talking about Lewis and Arman struggling to get whiteboard markers from Tesco.

Coach Hire

We have decided with a reasonable degree of certainty to take a coach to MCM in October - especially with recent rail strikes.

Conran explained we plan to get the form out today to ask members about their preferences regarding travel, payment etc.

We also looked into quotes regarding travel options, and decided that it’s best to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible to avoid hikes in cost.

Conran noted that we need a driver with a strong mental fortitude considering the song choice on last year’s coach (ahem, Ram Ranch). Various forms will be going out across the next few weeks to follow on payment.


Exec Choices

We briefly examined the exec choice timetable and discussed arrangements for it. Jack, Arman and Conran will have this term be their final exec choice (although Arman is a 2nd year, so who knows what the future holds?), so they’ll need to go out with a bang. The rest of us will have another in Term 2.

Main Series Choices and Vote

We then began the long process of deciding between all the Main Series choices. We decided to veto 3 choices: Banana Fish (due to content), Toradora! (due to popularity) and Samurai Champloo (also due to popularity, decided by a metric of popularity as per MyAnimeList).

Remaining choices included:

After the usual debate, we created some mutually exclusive relationships between shows and then whittle down our choices to our final four.

The meeting then promptly ended as we went off to the Phantom Coach for a much needed dinner.