Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter


Posted on 09/02/2020 by Danalite

Hello everyone.

We have a movie night this Saturday, as well as our first regular showing with us as your new exec team.

This exciting time also comes with a new main series (since Megalo Box ended last week), which will be chosen from a selection of 4 after watching the first episode of each during this Tuesday’s weekly showing.

AGM Results

Last week featured our annual AGM, so for those who have not seen the results, the new exec are:

President - Chih-Hsiang Lo
Secretary - Alex Hall
Treasurer - Lloyd Conlin
AV - Trevor Whitehouse
Webmaster - Tomas Iturralde
Head Librarian - Caius Liu
Librarians - Ben Onime, Tom Leigh and Karl Bailey

Weekly Showing

After hours of intense discussion, this term’s main series has been whittled down to one of the following:

Movie Night

This will be held on Saturday 15th, 18:00-22:00 MS.02 (Zeeman building). We will be showing 2 movies, with the films yet to be announced. Keep your eyes on our Discord or Facebook for the specifics later in the week.

Do feel free to drop in and out as you wish as there is no obligation to remain for both films.

Karaoke Update

We have a new submission system for karaoke requests, moving off of Discord and onto a public document

The spreadsheet includes a guide on how to submit requests, as well as a full list of already added songs.

Do try and give us as much warning as possible when making requests so we can get things sorted in time for events.

The Discord will now instead feature a discussion channel where you can also suggest songs which do not exist in the database to be mapped.

Finally, we have a few other minor pieces of news, including a new group page on MyAnimeList (or MAL), where members can come to discuss, share and recommend anime and manga, currently run by “Octavius928”, our president.

We also have the minutes taken from our most recent exec meeting now hosted on the website, for maximum transparency - find them here.