08/02/2020 Exec Meeting Minutes

Category: Minutes, Posted by Danalite on 09 Feb 2020

Key for names:
  • Caius Liu – Cai
  • Chih-Hsiang Lo – Chi
  • Ben Onime – B
  • Tomas Iturralde – T
  • Tom Leigh – F
  • Alex Hall - A
  • Trevor Whitehouse – TR
  • Lloyd Conlin – L
  • Karl Bailey – K
Start of meeting


Constitution has been updated

Will try keep maximum comms in the exec lounge to ensure max clarity

Exec choice proposed to be in order of roles announced 

[No objections]

Head librarian followed by others down to discussion


Requests to go last


In case of illness use this order as a form of hierarchy in case of illness/absence 

Next order is to consider main series


Discussion about possible main series choices occurs

Voting occurred on the main series choices



Library update! Previous storage was destroyed, and many departments lacked any way to help us.

Talking to SU, we hope to buy pick/drill proof locks and then store outside the DCS building in the bike sheds to secure the library.

Current SU soc officer seems to like idea, is happy to talk to estate to manage the transition, and will take around ¼ of budget. Plan is for no recurring fees, meaning would serve as PERMENTANT storage.

Technically would be owned by SU, although comes out of OUR budget.


Would like the librarians to RE-SORT and clean boxes


Would like to note dmg to boxes so that can replace where possible


Offers to help if needed


Suggests that weather-proof boxes be acquired as replacement.


Sort by title OMITTING “the” based on PRINTED title

Next is idea to buy snacks for events

[General consensus is against it due to non-members draining food]


Longer events would benefit from refreshments.


Karaoke still maintains pizza, which is one of the main expenses of the soc.

Snacks generally are around £10 per event

[Decision is preferred that VN/LN and karaoke remain catered; movie/Tuesdays are NOT]

[Not clear on refreshments]


Proposes pancakes again.

[General agreement, specifics would be considered later]


Desires to have group MAL list to help introduce people

Fears some people, himself included, would cause elitism; should take care to discourage this.

Chi should probably be the one to make this.




With regards to announcements, will request short descriptions from people when they put up exec choices.


What shall we do with minutes?


Think should have them be read then hosted on website


What about discord emojis?


Proposes make vote at end of term, specifics can be worked out later.


Films will be discussed on Tuesday.

VN/LN social will now be discussed


Is a problem that many good ones are often very long, whilst shorter VNs are either very H/ecchi or just bad.


Proposes we have voiced VNs otherwise is very quiet during the event.

[General discussion, but no consensus]


Finally, I want a central timetable, with some corresponding graphic so that we can post on the website etc giving info like when and where things are shown, as well as making it more attractive.


Wants ppl to recommend anime on some platform, like discord/FB/website forums etc….


End of meeting

Written by: Alex Hall