Term 3 Week 1 Newsletter


Posted on 02/05/2021 by Luke

Anime and Manga Society – Term 3 Week 1 Announcement

Greetings everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and refreshing Easter holiday (hopefully you’ve all had the opportunity to relax!). With term 3 and exams just around the corner, a quick announcement need to be made, relating to society scheduling, the Tuesday showings and clothing orders.

Term 3 Scheduling and Event Layout

Due to exam season, events will be limited outside of the weekly Tuesday showing. The Tuesday showing format will also be adjusted: instead of watching a main series every week, we will show three episodes of a new series each week, chosen by exec. Tuesday showings will continue at the regular time of 7pm, but this change means there will be no Thursday Exec Choices for the remainder of the term. After event games such as Skribbl, Codenames and AMQ, will take place on Tuesday (although games may be moved to Thursday later on in the term).

Whilst we unfortunately cannot do anything in-person just yet, there is a genuine possibility that we can do some meetups towards the end of term 3 depending on the situation. Ideas that have been floated around include meeting up for a meal at a restaurant and going to the cinema to watch an anime movie (e.g. we could organise a trip to watch the Demon Slayer movie after it comes out in UK cinemas on May 26th). Additionally, if the rule of 6 gets lifted on June 21st, there may be a possibility we can do a social event on-campus too. If you have any queries or other ideas for what we could do, please feel free to talk to an exec.

Tuesday Showing

As mentioned earlier, Term 3 brings with it a new format. This Tuesday our first showing of Term 3, will be Welcome to the Ballroom/ Ballroom e Youkoso, selected by Caius. We will watch three episodes, before moving onto a new show for next week.

Welcome to the Ballroom/ Ballroom e Youkoso


We’ll also be playing Codenames after the event so feel free to join then!

Society Hoodie Orders

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Society Clothing Interest Form! I’m pleased to announce that we have sufficient interest and as such, hoodie orders will begin shortly. Please keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more information on the design and on how to order.

We look forward to seeing you at our events this week! In the meantime, if you have any questions, feedback or just want to have a chat, please do message me or any of our exec members. Finally, from myself and all the Exec, stay safe and to those of you with exams, good luck!