06/03/21 Exec Meeting Minutes


Posted on 07/03/2021 by Luke

Beginning of meeting

Caius: Yesterday we received a massive donation to the library so we’ll need to catalogue those when we get the chance.

Caius: By the way Tomas, the cooldown system on the website is slightly confusing.

Tomas: The website doesn’t work in academic years, so although things haven’t technically been shown in two years we can still show it since we base it on academic years.

Caius: Also, exec with additional responsibilities [Tom/Luke], you have to complete your training on the Student Union website. I don’t think there’s any upcoming strict deadline but I’d like it done before the start of Term 3.


Caius: We currently have the quiz set on Saturday week 10. However, since we’ll only be showing two episodes of Mob Psycho on week 10, I would like to do the quiz on Tuesday, after the showings, instead. This would mean we have no Saturday week 10 event. How does everyone feel about that?

Tomas: How long do you plan it to be though because two episodes can take a while.

Caius: But people usually stay up quite late for Skribbl though, so it depends on how many people make the quiz, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

[Unanimous Agreement]

Caius: In that regard there’s a couple of things we need to talk about. (1) Who is going to make the quiz; and (2) how is the quiz going to be presented?

Tomas: We should do it the usual way whereby each Exec makes their own section of the quiz and we combine it all together.

Caius: Yes – we can do that - but there’s some things we need to consider because we received complaints last time. In light of that, I would like the quizzes to be submitted by the Sunday the 14th so I can check them before hand.

Caius: Who actually wants to make a quiz? I’ll do AMQ and I can do the Japan one again too.

[All volunteer]

Stefan: I’ll make a history of things quiz.

Caius: You can do it you want but its up to you. I will say though I want to the quiz to be Japanese/anime or Eastern related and not stupidly hard.

[Stefan then suggests making a quiz based on obscure historical figures no-one has ever heard of. Summarily to say, it was rejected.]

Caius: I will presumably be presenting but people can present their own quizzes. I guess I could just not play and then be there when everyone is presenting. Mine will be AMQ so I won’t talk too much.

Caius: Which topics are people going to be doing theirs on?

Tomas: Will do a section based on anime shown this time.

Tom: Will do either a general anime or easter section – as long as we have some general diversity in the sections

Luke: Will do an anime school uniform quiz where people guess the anime based on the school uniforms from the show.

Caius: I’d like the quizzes in by Sunday night (the 14th) but I can be forgiving. If a bomb explodes in your house or something then you can do it on the 15th.

Caius: How did we do it last time? Trev was presenting if I remember correctly.

Tom: We all just uploaded powerpoints and Trev just streamed them all.

Caius: How will that work on your end Tomas?

Tomas: I’ll just stream my powerpoint window and if you’re in voice presenting just give me timers or something so I can change the slide.

Tom: We’re all presenting our own quizzes so there’s no need for Tomas to have another quicker stream since we’ll all have our own copies to read from. As long as we have communication then it should be manageable.

Caius: We need to give prizes to the people who won last time btw. For this time what will probably happen is that we will think of a prize next year and then just give it.

Stefan: Suggests a drawing from him as a prize

[Unanimous rejection]

Caius: I’m not sure how the streaming works exactly but last time some people had some streaming issues with buffering. How can we deal with that?

Tom: Last time we also uploaded a doc with all the questions on it.

Tomas: But that leads to cheating, the questions are meant to be timed so it sort of defeats the purpose of the quiz if we do that. If we’re going to give an actual paid money prize we should have to just leave it as it is. If you have bad internet then unfortunately buffering is just part and parcel of the online events.

Caius: I don’t support that. I don’t really think its an issue. What’s more of an issue is if people are actually looking up the answers which we can’t really solve online anyway.

Luke: So will we be having the document then or not?

Caius: Yes, last time there was a powerpoint.

Tomas: Keep the answers off the powerpoint then if they’re being distributed out towards people.

Tom: Last time we did two documents; we did one powerpoint that was just the questions on and another with the answers and Trev combined them all into one continuous powerpoint and that worked.

Tomas: The format of it is that we show all the questions, we then have a finalizise your answers time, people submit and then we show the answers so upload the PowerPoints and then I’ll merge them all.

Caius: So there’s a quiz slides folder which we can upload the slides to and we need a marking sheet with all the answers on it for the Exec. The way we will mark the quiz is it will be streamlined; the person who does the quiz will mark their own section because last time marking the quiz was a big mess and pretty terrible. Also we have less exec’s this time which could exacerbate the issue.

Stefan: Can we do a section where we do guess the character, wrong answers only?

Luke: How would that work though? Do you do it subjectively based on humour? Because it seems everyone would just get full marks.

Tom: You need to make the questions objectively markable because what one person would consider funny another exec may not.

Caius: As regards to the actual questions, I’d like to keep the question total to ten. It does depend on your quiz but if we can put a limit on how long it’ll take it would be beneficial. We have 5 quizzes so ideally we want a maximum of 15 minutes per quiz. This includes a short intro, a guide to answer the quiz and maybe an example if applicable.

Tom: The other thing is that last time, in relation to the answer document you have to fill in whilst playing, everyone needs to fill in their sections on their answer sheet as well so people know how to answer.

Caius: I’ll ping everyone about that. All execs will have to mark as well. If there are too many quizzes I will try to get additional help.

Luke: Are we planning on having any team limits?

Caius: There will be a maximum but not a minimum. We can just change all the voice channels to have 5 people.

Movie night

Caius: First thing I noticed was Stefan’s suggestion that we show the Fate Prilya movie – I don’t think we can do this.

Tom: I agree we should not show anything Prilya related.

Caius: Also it’s a sequel so we just can’t watch it. Its plot dependent which has tied into plot before.

Tomas: We want as many people to show up as possible. If it requires you to have watched something prior then its not become an enjoyable experience for everyone anymore; only those who have watched the previous movie/show.

Caius: I think Tsumiki no Ie is a remnant so we can get rid of that but it could be useful in the future.

Royal Space Force

Tomas: Its basically an older Gainax film about a country which is on the brink of war. Its set in a time period before any country has managed to fly into space, and doing so is viewed as a ridiculous thing which would never happen. One of their military divisions is the Royal Space Force whose objective is to get to space before. In the midst of war slowly starting in the background and tensions coming together, the Royal Space force try to achieve their dream of reaching space. Its also very well animated and has some iconic scenes such as the rocket launch scene.
The girl who leapt through time
Caius: Its quite popular and is made by the Summer Wars director. Girl has troubles with her future and finds out she can leap through time and she learns throughout the movie that leaping through time has consequences. The movie is about her working through these consequences and growing as a person.

Next one is Mimi wo Sumaseba - rejected

[Remnant movie that only Chih has watched so it was removed.]

Summer Wars

Tom: I really disliked Summer Wars

Caius; Lets just remove it then, unless someone else still wants it. It just wasn’t really memorable for me.

Tekkon Kinkreet

Tom: Really well animated. Its sort of like a pure action movie. The plot is hard to explain but its sort of about a battle between good and evil. There’s two orphans in the town and there’s an entrepreneur who is trying to tear down the town to build an amusement park. The brothers don’t want the amusement park to be built so they ffight back against the entrepreneur

Interstella 5555

Stefan: Has anyone heard of Daft Punk? There album discovery reflects the story of Interstella in which a group of musicians are abducted and there’s one guy who saves them. The best parts are the visuals and the writer whose pretty famous.

Tomas: If it has no dialogue I think it would be best in Term 3. I’m not sure how much attendance there would be for an hour long music video.

Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel – removed


[General agreement that Jin-Roh is good].

Tomas: Its set in an alternate dystopian Japan focusing on a squad of elite soldiers that are used to take out political dissidents and oppress any opposition. It follows one of the soldiers within the squad who is haunted by some of the things he has witnessed.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Tomas: It’s a Ghibli but not a Miyazaki. Its basically the traditional story of Princess Kaguya – the bamboo cutter finding the princess within a bamboo shoot and it turns out she’s a princess from heaven. Its quite long but the art is really good.

Stranger: Mukoh Hadan

Tomas: Its basically a ronan finds a young boy; an abandoned temple and saves him from this shady Chinese organsiation. The kid ends up hiding this ronan as his bodyguard, who defends him whilst a militia tries to hunt him down to perform this weird ritual.

Bakemono no Ko

Tomas: Boy and the Beast is another movie made by the Director of Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children. An orphan sees a huge beast creature walking around and subsequently follows him into an alleyway. It turns out that walking into this alleyway takes you into a world of beast creatures Narnia-style. It turns out that the beast the orphan followed is in fact the next successor of the Throne in this world. The reigning monarchs are meant to have trained heirs, but as the beast does not have any of his own, he adopts the human child and acts as a father figure for him. However, there’s also those in the world who don’t look kindly upon having a human next in line for the throne.


Tomas: This is an adaptation of a key visual novel. The world has been destroyed by nuclear and biological warfare. There’s scavengers who live on the surface and try to survive in this new world. One particular scavenger wanders into an abandoned radiated city where he finds a robot in an abandoned planetarium. The robot only comes online one day every year and isn’t aware of the nuclear fallout, still believing that one day the humans will come back. The story follows the protagonist as he stays with the robot and begins to repair the planetarium.

[Jin-Roh wins with 5 votes but as there are some third years who may have seen the movie in their first year, we decide to show the second highest voted movie, Royal Space Force instead.]

Plans for Term 3 and the holidays

Caius: Over the holidays are we going to do anything?

Tomas: I would appreciate anything being not long form during the holidays and term 3.

Tom: I am worried about exams and revision.

Caius: Last year we still did events though.

Tomas: I think they were different circumstances though because first years didn’t have exams. I think we can still do stuff but they need to be shortened; so like three episodes of a show and once a week.

Caius: Will Term 3 be exec choices for the first 5 weeks and then what happens?

Tomas: I would just re-loop and keep going unless there’s something specific you want to do. If its Members choice fine but it would have to be selective. Voting ones take a long time.

Tom: We shouldn’t deliberate too much in which Members choice suggestion it is

Caius: I don’t mind either way. Its just whether people have enough to show.

Tomas: Just do it at the same we did last year where we do OVAs or episodes under three episodes in length we can make it work.

Caius: Okay, cool.

Tomas: On the 21st of June social contact restrictions are removed so there’s a chance we could do something.

Caius: I will be in the end of the house until the end of the term.

Luke: I’ll also be here.

Tomas: If we wanted to do a karaoke, provided we were allowed to by the SU we could.

Luke: I think that wouldn’t happen because room booking still isn’t open. It wouldn’t be an official ani soc event therefore, so a more sensible suggestion would be a meal social.

Tomas: In any case, outdoors you can meet in groups of thirty so it should be fine but it would have to be after June.

Caius: So to conclude, we’ll just be showing Exec choices until week 10 and perhaps to real life events for term 3.


Caius: Anything else anyone would like to discuss?

Luke: Weren’t we going to delete some channels?

Caius: Firstly, I’m going to change technology to technology and sport.

Tomas: I Think that’s a good idea because general chat is sometimes derailed by essays by football.

Caius: Secondly, I said I’d change Exec to feedback or suggestions, or Questions for Exec.

Luke: How about Ask the exec?

Caius: Yeah that’s better. There might not be a need for this as general could be used, but I think this can be used for more serious questions.

Caius: What about activity zone for the anime suggestions?

Luke: Yeah we can set that up in the holidays

Tomas: We can move activity zone into the archive and then replace it with your anime suggestions channel.

Caius: Okay that’s fine. Is there anything else we need to discuss for now?

[End of meeting]