Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter


Posted on 14/02/2021 by Luke

Hello everyone!

Firstly, a big welcome from the new Exec team! Whether wisely or not (probably the latter), you’ve decided to elect us as your Exec! The results are as follows:

President: Caius Liu - Caius
Secretary: Luke Jackson - .Ikari00
Treasurer: Tom Leigh - Great Job
AV Technician: Tomas Iturralde - Danalite
Webmaster: Tomas Iturralde - Danalite
Head Librarian: Tom Leigh - Great Job
Librarian: Stefan Turcu - Gigi, Jack of All Trades

We look forward to an eventful second term!


The new President (Caius) is looking to gather feedback on our events. We would greatly appreciate it if people could take the time out of their day to fill out this (short) questionnaire!

Main Series (Tuesday 7pm)

After intense deliberation, the remainder of the main series candidates has been whittled down to just four. On Tuesday at 7PM, we will be showing the first episode of our four candidates in the following order, swiftly followed by a vote for which show you’d like to watch for the rest of term.

ef: A Tale of Memories
Mob Psycho 100
• Paranoia Agent/Mousou Dairinin
• The Eccentric Family/ Uchouten Kazoku

Vote for as many as you like, but the voting link will only be available during the stream so make sure to come along to make your voice heard!

Pancake Day Celebrations

We’re also celebrating Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day by making pancakes after Tuesday’s showings! Feel free to express your culinary creativity by making your own, either in the VC with us or by posting pictures in the #activity-zone!

Exec Choice (Thursday 7pm)

The next exec choice, chosen by Caius our new President, will be held on Thursday at 7PM. We will show two of the following three shows, selected by popular vote:

My Love Story/Ore Monogatari
Space Battleship Yamato/Uchuu Senkan Yamato
Tari Tari

Jackbox Games Night (Saturday 7pm)

On Saturday at 7pm, we’ll be running another games night so hop into voice chat and join us for some Jackbox fun (or other games depending on interest).

Members Choice & Scheduling

Finally, we’re opening submissions for our upcoming members’ choice event (more info coming later), where we’ll show your choices! Information on how to submit shows can be found here:
You can find the scheduling for the rest of the term below!

Keep well and stay safe!
- Luke