Mascot Competition Results


Posted on 01/02/2021 by Danalite

At the start of this academic year we opened up a competion allowing members to design a mascot for our society.

The rules

We set out the following rules for all applicants.

The mascot needs to be:

Desirable but optional features:

The submissions

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Entry 1 drawn by Chase Zahfira

Entry 1

Entry 2 drawn by Shen Rong

Entry 2

Entry 3 drawn by Stefan Turcu

Entry 3.1

Entry 3.2

Entry 3.3

The winner

After careful deliberation, the exec team decided that Chase’s entry, “Annie Wicke”, would be the new Society mascot.

The winner was chosen due to its clever use of the society logo, as well as the effective use of colours.And the exec were especially impressed by how the university’s logo colour scheme was implemeted into the design.
The small biography attached also helped in this decision as it added a new dimension to the character.