Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter


Posted on 13/10/2020 by Danalite

Hello Everyone,

Covid-19 Information

Importantly all information concerning changes will be available here.

Main Series (Tuesday Showings)

The main series is our term-long series which we watch at a rate of 3 episodes a week on Tuesdays for the entirety of term. On Tuesday at 7pm we will be showing the 2nd to 4th (so do catch up if you missed last week!) episodes of our main series winner, Samurai Champloo (MAL).

To join our streams go here

Click the play button to start the stream. If the stream fails to play, try refreshing the page and clicking the play button again.

There have been issues with stream that arise from the use of VPNs; if you have one enabled, try disabling it and refreshing the page. If you have any other issues, please message a member of the exec for assistance, best done via Discord or Facebook.

Exec Choice (Thursday Showings)

The exec choice is an event running every Thursday in which members of our exec take turns to suggest 3 possible shows for us to watch, and will change every week. On Thursday at 7pm we will then begin the stream (see above for instructions on how to join) by watching each of the openings and hearing a short explanation of each of the shows, after which a link will be shown on stream allowing you to vote on which of the shows we will watch (again feel free to vote for multiple if you desire). The two with the most votes will then have their first two episodes shown. This week our options, chosen by Caius, are:

We won’t have any Saturday showing this week

Finally, we encourage you all to officially join the society if you are interested.

If you haven’t already, you can then take the time to suggest some anime for our upcoming members’ choice event (more information coming later), where we will be showing your choices!

To do so simply head here.