12/09/2020 Exec Meeting Minutes


Posted on 13/09/2020 by Danalite

Begining of meeting

Chih: Unfortunately, based on government announcements recently, it seems highly likely that all of welcome week will be online. The SU have said they will give guidance on Monday, so we can react again on Wednesday next week in another meeting. For now the plan is prepare for this eventuality. The silver lining is that we might at least face less competition with more events being online. As such I have prepared 3 eventualities. First, we can do everything in person as planned, second, we can do a hybrid of online and offline, and finally everything is online.

Chih: It seems most likely that we will have to adopt this third case. I have a few timetables ready as well, minus what isn’t entirely planned out. I’ve also assumed that if this is likely for welcome week, it is probable this will continue at least for some or all of term 1. For the level 3 case I propose a different schedule; obviously we wouldn’t need 2 identical showings a week as this would just split people. So as a result I propose we still keep a separate main series and exec choice showing, but also add in a form of members’ choice. This would be 2 eps after main series, which would amongst other things encourage people to still buy membership for the societies. This was also somewhat in response to some of the surveys, and because we no longer have anything like all-nighters since they are not really possible, even if we might be allowed to do things in person.

Alex: To clarify are we doing these in cases where we can do offline events?

Chih: no because we are still restricted by time.

Tomas: Personally, under normal times we’d be showing 1 main series and 1 new exec choice per week; here under level 3, where we still would be able to go to everything we’d have 3 series after the main series per week. For me this means that I might not be able to go to many events, because whilst I don’t mind it normally, if I don’t like things with this much choice I would not come to as many events.

Chih: I will return to this but I think we might be able to get around this.

Alex: I personally agree that it might be a bit of a problem, particularly in splitting our community.

Ben: I also think that it might overly stress the AV in terms of time responsibilities.

Tomas: I think we could also instead move the members’ choice to the weekend and run it less often, but instead direct people to more social events.

Chih: TREV IS EXPENDABLE (don’t @ me)

(okay but for real the context is that we have backups AVs in response to B’s issue)

Chih: I also want to return to what we talked about the other day in regards to Discord. I still hold that to some extent the Discord is not a massive problem normally because people still see one another in real life. It doesn’t matter that we have a large population of “detritus”. However, if we end up operating online for all events, discord must act to replace the IRL aspects of our events as best as possible. For example, the newcomer’s channel seems to have already run into a bit of a problem with becoming ‘general 2’.

Tom: I have actually spoken to some people who feel the same way.

Alex: You can also very clearly see that over time people have moved over to using it as a new general after only a few days.

Chih: So one clear solution would be to make it so that only some people can speak in newcomers. Also I think perhaps we might need a new role allocation system as several people who are new to discord seem to have issues.

General disagreement on this one, sorry Chih

Lloyd: Particularly considering this server is publicly available.

Chih: For now I think we can leave this alone for now. I also am not sure whether we need both off-topic and general.

Tomas: Personally I think the main thing here is just that whilst university is not running, there is less ‘on-topic’ activity in general, but that this will solve itself in a month or so.

Chih: Returning to a few things for the term; we have 4 main things, the mascot competition, ‘Warwick draws’ - which F will explain.

Tom: The plan is to have a drawing event for people who cannot necessarily draw; I will storyboard an anime opening (currently crossing field / SAO) with people drawing a few scenes from the opening which we then can compile into a single video.

Ben: the only main issue is just making sure we get enough people to do this so that it isn’t too much of a workload. We also want to keep it to ‘current’ members perhaps.

Tom: I will need people to give me a discord or something to allow me to organise this.

Chih: Next, we have the potential project of making a VN, which Tomas will explain.

Tomas: This realistically is much less effort than it sounds, but we need clear guidelines and a lot of planning to be honest. The main thing is we’d just need art and writers, and someone to oversee the CS. The main issue is how we can logistically get people to contribute in a way that isn’t too hard to make use of. We can us Ren’Py to make this possible from a coding perspective.

Chih: So for both events, you need to give me plan by the end of week -1 preferably, or 0 worst case so we can work out if this is actually viable. The final potential event is as follows… we have found an old anime called Golden Batman (https://myanimelist.net/anime/16802/Golden_Batman), which currently is ONLY available subbed in Spanish. For fun, since we have several speakers, we could actually slowly work on subbing this to English, meaning we can leave our eternal mark on the world of English anime. This couldn’t be done by too many people, as logistics would be difficult, but we could have a small team to work on this.

Tomas: I would need at least 5 people, but I must say this doesn’t feel like much of a society project.

Chih: Then simply term 2 we dub it.

(I don’t think he is joking)

Chih: I also want a section on the website which details ongoing events so that we can talk about these projects if any/many of these projects go through. Before week 0, I also want to create a new message in both welcome and rules in discord, posted by the bot. Also I think we need a rule clarifying spoilers, as we have had one or two issues.

Alex: Just to check, we wouldn’t be banning spoilers but would be just encouraging use of the tags on discord.

Chih: just proper use of spoiler tags. L can you get us a nicely written version of the rule. Next, let us move onto more non-anime events. One thing I’m looking at is trying to organise a large AMQ league between several universities, which is being partly coordinated by the head of the British anime society. Hopefully this will happen, but it is more geared towards competition, but we can obviously encourage more casual weekend events etc.

Chih: Next we have the possible for Kahoot/quizzes which can be made by members or exec, potentially anime-themed, perhaps streamed on twitch if needed. We can also do jack box (Tomas owns) party games, or other casually games like skriblr.

Chih begs for a new PC so we can make our soc minecraft guild on the public SAO server, Ben tells him to finance it with onlyfans

Chih: I also want to run a week 0 small drawing event, with a small prize, like a discord emoji or maybe a chocolate bar, or something…


Alex: I have made an announcement letting people know about the changes to newcomers channel

End of meeting