18/06/20 Exec Meeting Minutes


Posted on 18/06/2020 by Danalite

Start of meeting

Chih: First point, Trev avoid being drunk on Tuesdays in the future.

Trev: Sorry, won’t happen again it wasn’t meant to happen.

Chih: Next up, discord moderation; over the last week things have pretty good, maybe better than for a while, but on Tuesday we did have some problems with a few people being overly ‘political’. We have a few individuals who are currently on our radar, and if action is needed, we shouldn’t be afraid to take it. I’ve also been speaking to exec at the Birmingham society to see how they are running their discord, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we have a bit of a problem with the discord being dominated by older members, meaning that less discussion relevant to the society is occurring. One potential solution is to try and make the server matter more to current members to try and re-invigorate the server..

Tom: I think perhaps people need to be told in public what is actually ‘wrong’ so that they have a clearer idea of what is and isn’t acceptable on the server.

Chih: we also currently have a little bit of a problem of not having any ‘penalty’ we can really offer up.

Tom: there is an issue that we are sort of restricted to an all or nothing, ban or not ban system…

Lloyd: also remember that because of the way our roles are set up, if we want to restrict someone, we need to strip them of all other roles.

Chih: I think things are also a little dead, and this will likely remain for a little bit until at least term 1… Another thing, perhaps we should change the currently very dead ‘exec’ channel on discord to maybe a suggestion channel of some sort?

Chih: Also don’t worry about making moderation calls on our own, unless you really want to ask me or someone else.

Chih: One more thing, looking at Birmingham as an example, it was suggested that we could maybe have a separate moderation role, which could even be given to non-exec.

Trev: I think it would clearly have to be limited to members only

Chih: the only problem is that we might not have the people who could fill this role.

Alex: I agree that we couldn’t really find anyone right now who fits the role.

Chih: one way might be to have an application system, as well as ensuring its only for current warwick students who are more active on the server.

Tomas: I don’t really think we need more people though, as we don’t actually have enough activity on the server the warrant more moderation, we perhaps just need more active exec.

[Chi admits he never reads my minutes :( ]

Lloyd: On another note, I posted the email that the hoodie company sent to me. They are happy to help provide some subsidised shipping for intra-national individual orders, but they were less helpful for overseas, not being able to provide us pricing.

Chih: we could always bulk buy an order an distribute them in term 1, meaning only the graduating year is disadvantaged, but this seems better than harming all international students.

Chih: as far as further details, we should do what we can to make personalisation as available as possible, like name, username and role for the exec as well as possible.

Trev: one thing we could consider is adding warwick-chan to the hoodies?

Chih: sorry I’m not sure that that is possible in the right time frame…

Thank god, no offence Chih

Lloyd: they will eventually send us proof before we order to give us a better idea of what this will look like.

Chih: just make sure you give us as many details as possible when it comes to the bulk order as they respond to you, like whether we can set up a form, and what colour schemes are available, etc. I think that it good for the hoodies for the time being.

Chih: SOOOOO. Welcome week and week 1 layout… we are still unsure what is actually possible for week 0 and 1, but any suggestions.

Trev: one solution can be to run multiple versions of the same events, and for JUST FRESHERS WEEK where necessary we will prioritise freshers before current members.

Chih: I do sort of agree with the sentiment, it will depend upon how many people are able to come and depends on how many people are even at the university. Another alternative could be, as Lloyd mentioned earlier, to try and book a few rooms and run showing concurrently, like in MS.01 and MS.02 at the same time.

Alex: on a side note, have you re-submitted the welcome week plan?

Chih: so on that note, we need to chance this; we will axe the manga meet up as it wouldn’t be possible under social distancing, but we should really keep the two movie nights, in whatever capacity we can. They have explicitly said in the FAQ so far that IRL events should be possible in week 0. For term 1, my current first thoughts are 2 weekly showing (as long as the demand exists) allow us to more easily manage distancing. We could have the potential to have two different winning exec choice. As far as main series choice, we can just tally the votes from week 1 across the two showing to determine a single winner, as we shouldn’t split the main series too much. I would also like to put together a questionnaire for our current members, just to see if we can get a sense of some people’s opinions. I am also keen on the idea of a cross-over with Birmingham, since I have established a pretty good relation for their current president, who also says he intends to rerun. This could allow us to meet some people further afield, as well as have some fun. Obviously this year it might be a little hard though.

Trev: so again about term 1, with regards to flyering, we might have to limit ourselves because of Covid-19 Also, I would kind of like to keep the showing rolling in some capacity.

Chih: I like the idea, although we might want to limit the regularity. Since we’ve have a very exec-centric term 3, it might also be nice if we are running things over the summer to have it be suggestions taken from members.

End of meeting