14/04/20 Exec Meeting Minutes


Posted on 18/04/2020 by Danalite

Start of meeting

Chi: lets begin with the movies suggestions

Alex: Death billiards is short, might slot after a particularly long film

Chi: Nausica could easily be term 1, and is relatively high on priority

Trev: I have seen Promare, and it’s something we might want to show term 1 or 2

Alex: Last two are just Satoshi Kon films, both pretty fitting, but not everyone has seen them

Caius: I want on a mission to watch some more interesting films in the meantime…

(Caius walks us through his detailed list of films)

Tomas: I kinda want to watch Cencoroll, but I’ve not seen that, we could put the two films together.

Chi: we could also put some honeyworks, we don’t have much romance

Tomas: I do but we’ll get to that…

Chi: I suggest up on poppy hill, a lesser known Ghibli film (son of Miyazaki), set in the Tokyo Olympics (hmmmmm) after WWII, themes of reconstruction after the war, with a really nice jazzy soundtrack.

Trev: I don’t watch films, so no suggestions from me

Tomas: First thing I have is Ninja Scroll, a bit more brutal, but a classic action film

Tomas: Neo Tokyo is a collection of 3 very short films back to back, first is a bit artsy, second is well animated and action-packed with no dialogue, third is a sci-fi film about robots going mad

Tomas: They were 11 is about humans with warp tech, and have created a super school in space, and is about children abandoned on a space station as a final “test”. Mystery focus.

Tomas: Mind game is very well animated, and is about a guy who dies, revives, and then tries to ‘live life to the full’

Tom: and then lives inside a whale for half the film…


Tomas: Royal space force is the film porky was raving about recently, basically about a ‘semi’ space military org, but in a time before it is serious enough to have the org get taken seriously.

Tom: Tekkon Kinkreet is… good looking, but the story sucks…

Tom: I mostly want to see people suffer through this with me

Tomas: Personally I’ve not heard terrible things but…

Lloyd: Pancreas is a film we HAVE shown in an all-nighter a few years ago at an all-nighter, is a romance focused film with strong emotional focus.

(General agreement that the film is very good)

Caius: it is very easily received so it might be better for a fresher’s week style pick.

Chi: I have another suggestion, AurAlex: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai, which seems like chuunibyou as a film.

Chi: Does anyone have anything else to add?

Chi: In that case can we guarantee a nice spread of genre etc.

Caius: I think we can shelf death billiard

Alex: I agree

Chi: do we want to reserve Nausica for term 1?

Lloyd: now that we have pancreas, there is quite a lot of overlap…

Tomas: I really want to show Promare at a more prominent time.

Tom: Paprika is much safer than Perfect Blue

Tomas: we could show Paprika instead though since film soc might show it.

Chi: so we can shelf Perfect blue then, maybe Paprika.

Tomas: Giovanni looks alright

(lots of tacit agreement)

Chi: Piano no Mori is a bit like a condensation of the TV series

Tomas: I think it’s definitely worth considering

Tomas: I would want to watch cencoroll + connect,

Caius: Princess and the pilot is an action/romance

Tomas: It’s quite well rated, and I’m somewhat interested

Caius: it’s a quite ‘complete’ romance, so that pretty nice

(Discussion about showing Ride your wave)

Tomas: I’m very against this, as I’d much rather show mind game, as both are Yuasa films.

Alex: We should keep Harmonie as it might fit the time.

(Chi subtly skips Nine)

Tomas: considering he advertises Origin as bad, we can ignore this…

Tom: Lets go with the obligatory Ghibli consideration lol

(general agreement, looks interesting)

Alex: I think some of the other picks sound pretty interesting

Chi: there is also a slight explicit content issue

Chi: Neo Tokyo is also just a bit short

Tom: I would love to show mind game, it’s a little artsy, so we probably can only show it in term 3

(general discussion ensures, and 11 and space force remain in contention, as does Kinkreet)

Tomas: I think we should probably axe pancreas and save it for term 1.

Chi: we can remove Paprika with the strong desire to show it term 1 or 2 next year instead


Pairings are decided (in order) as:

  1. Poppy Hill (1h30) + Mind Game (1h44)
  2. Giovanni (1h42) + Cencoroll (1h15)
  3. Princess and the Pilot (1h39) + They were 11 (1h30)

Chi: Returning to the agenda, Trev has set up a second account in order to stream

Tomas: IMO, we should get classic nitro for discord meaning we can stream at 1080p60 which should be all we need for streaming.

Tomas: When streaming, the only thing to note is we cannot use Fullscreen, as monitor capture seems to be less laggy.

Trev: how does that work for dual monitor?

Tomas: just don’t Fullscreen the application, but record the application and you don’t need it to be tabbed in to get audio.

Chi: Trev and Tomas can you just liaise to fix this.

Chi: next let’s talk about finance.

Lloyd: I got a response, so I will read out the email.

Lloyd: They said that it should be completely fine going through the online finance system every time it is charged and reimburse whoever is paying.

Chi: Next I want to revive the MAL club a little more, I have added an announcement thread which Alex can keep up to date.

Chi: I also want to redo lots of the design without making it look too gimmicky or “personal” to our tastes

Chi: anyone can do this, does anyone want to volunteer to help.

Chi: Honestly, Tomas, you might have to help.

Chi: we should also try to keep as much information on there as possible, particularly the timetable on the front page.

Chi: I’ve also sadly not had time to look into the invite link or hoodie order, but that will have to be exam/assignment dependant.

Chi: does anyone have any extra events for term 3 events that aren’t just anime watching.


Alex: I strongly recommend we wait to gauge turnout before we try going for more events this term anyway.

Chi: just keep in mind also that the only thing being shown on Tuesdays are now exec choices, so perhaps don’t end up too similar with our picks, as this term’s attendance will likely be very momentum-based.

(everything dissolves)