15/02/2020 Exec Meeting Minutes


Posted on 26/02/2020 by Danalite

Exec conduct and formally addressing issues relating to Tuesday (11/02/20)

The proposal of the ‘’old anime night’’

Asking Exec to be more open in suggesting anime for the main series sheet in the future

If an exec can’t make an event, they should inform someone

Pancake day – preparation

“not quite nitro” bot

Issues about the wallpaper have been discussed

Additional things:

I will try to get the updated descriptions of the society done by the end of next week (week 7)

Discuss shirt/hoodie order either week 9 or 10

From this:

I want a formal name for the “old anime night” finalised by Sunday Week 7, have either the Toms to fully formalise the format, and have Alex book a room for it asap