MCM Trip


Posted on 08/10/2018 by MrPorky

As promised We will be going to the London MCM Comic Con on the Saturday 27th October

If you would like to come with us, we will be entering with a General Entry ticket (11:00-19:00, though we will stay until 18:00) which you will need to purchase for yourself. Please read below for further details including logistics!

We intend to meet at the piazza at 06:45, and take the 07:12 bus from Central Campus to Coventry Station. We will then be taking the 08:03 London Midlands train from Coventry to London Euston, arriving at (hopefully) 09:49 From there we will be taking the Victoria Line to Green Park, then the Jubilee Line to Canning Town. We will then take the DLR to ExCeL London, where MCM is held.

For the return, we will be taking a similar route back to London Euston, and due to variability in timings, the return train from London Euston to Coventry may vary largely in times, hence we recommend purchasing a ticket with open return so we have more flexibility (although we will have plenty of time to work with anyway). (if any of this is too complicated, just feel free to follow the exec) People are free to join us at any point in the journey, and free to leave us at any point as well; though please indicate if you intend to split from us at any point!

What you need to do/bring

Buy, print and bring your MCM ticket! Purchases can be made at We will be purchasing a Saturday General Entry ticket Buy train tickets! We recommend a London Midlands Off-Peak Return ticket for extra flexibility in case anything goes wrong.

Train tickets can be purchased at If you have a railcard, be sure to include that! This is what the interface should look like (except cheaper with a railcard).

If you are unsure about anything, please contact a member of the exec and we will be glad to help!

If you purchased your train tickets online and will collect your train tickets at Coventry Station, be sure to bring the card that you used to purchase the tickets, or you will not be able to collect them

For the bus from Campus to Coventry (and back), we recommend either bringing £4 for a daysaver ticket or a contactless card if you do not have a bus pass.

The London Underground and DLR services can be accessed using a Contactless Card or an Oyster Card. If you do not wish to bring a Contactless card, an Oyster card can be purchased for £5 from ticket machines upon arrival, and will then need to be topped up. We will be travelling to and from London Euston to MCM through the Underground and DLR, so please decide which of the two you will be using beforehand, and adjust appropriately.