Minutes - April 21


Posted on 30/04/2024 by Breadifies

6/9 exec present: Alex and Ben joined remotely; Ellen not present.

Exec/committee choices:
Settled with choosing 3 execs nominating shows under one theme for committee exec choice. Ben okay with no forced committee choice in term 3.
Swapped Pei Qi’s and Hailey’s exec choice to week 7 and 6 respectively.

General events:
- Mahjong event date undecided but ideally week 5 Wednesday
- Garage sale will proceed as planned in Westwood, MCM artist alley style.
- Week 9 Saturday showing: debate between yosuga no sora and domestic girlfriend
Content warning for nudity and incest? very necessary

Librarian by election: On-day running allowed for members.

Library organisation of volumes by genre and recording how many volumes of each series available. Library storage location over the summer to be decided. Will decide on a date to organise it.

Break: Watched Chih-Hsiangs promotional video!! Serotonin <3

General enforcing for more active contribution to the society and that all exec should feel free to bring up ideas and events for the society!
Regarding the society often being described as cliquey, members should have more opportunity to contribute to the society e.g. volunteering for events and art competitions etc. and we should have events to support this. Member-member interactions will be just as important as exec-member interactions (mainly for the next academic year+ freshers).

Watched Report and support videos.
- Ben, Alex, Jomi, Lewis and Ellen will watch them at a later date