Minutes - Feb 11


Posted on 12/02/2024 by Breadifies

7/9 exec were present in person. Alex joined remotely and Pei Qi will catch up on the minutes later on. Connie left at 2pm. Exec who were not present to vote for the main series in person submitted rankings of what shows they would like to have shown.

Main series Nominations

The first round of voting involved each exec picking 9 shows from the 17. After the first round of voting, the remaining shows are:

The second round of voting involved picking 5 shows from the remaining 9. After the second round of voting, Paradise Kiss and Madoka made it to the final shortlist, but we have a three way tie between Heike Monogatari, Kyousogiga and Sora Yori.
The third round of voting involved picking two out of the three tied shows. Unfortunately, the third round of voting also resulted in a three way tie (with 6 votes each).

And after one last tiebreaker, where each exec picks one out of the tied shows,the final shortlist for Main Series is…

Alex D lamented how Kyousogiga once again was cut so barely close to the end o7.


Arman will be taking over as health and safety officer.
Equal Opportunities officer will be decided at a later date when all execs are able to meet up.


We discussed ideas for a Valentine’s event. A baking event at Lewis and Jomi’s house was pitched. A proposed activity was making castella cake from Tatami Galaxy, however we decided that it was too technically challenging. Instead we decided that it will be more realistic to buy pre-made cookie dough and make cookies. We don’t want to doxx Lewis and Jomi, so attendees should meet on campus before going to the event location. The event will have 15 spaces and there will be a sign up form.

All other events were premediated beforehand which allowed us to wrap the meeting up early (hell yeah).