Minutes - Jan 8


Posted on 04/02/2023 by Ana

Today’s meeting is designed to pick our new main series (and as a side effect, the all nighter starter show, which we’ll be picking from the main series nomination list). We’ve nominated a bunch of shows prior with as much variety as possible and we kicked off the meeting with a quick discussion on what we’re watching this season. Alex and I tried to get Tomas to un-drop G-Witch (and the last episode is apparently great!), and we then went into the timetable overview of the term.

The election for new exec is now going to be on a Wednesday, since last year’s election was FAR too long. Our events for this week include the all-nighter and also a Japan Soc collab which is later on the agenda to discuss.

We discussed adding a movie night to the list of events, and a manga/art social to tie into Warwick Draws (which Hawari is organising). We’d plan on starting the project in that event, and also organising a Tokusatsu night. After a brief discussion, we decided to add Warwick Draws into Week 2 Wednesday’s slot.

We then talked about suggestions for Tokusatsu night - since we definitely can’t just show Kamen Rider all evening. Seb suggested Japanese Spider-Man, and I proposed we show a bit of Kamen Rider Den-O. We decided to keep this decision pending, but put the night in Week 4, with Conran to look into room bookings.

Following on from this, Week 3 will be a buffer week for those with coursework deadlines, ahem me and Alex. The remainder of the term from Week 5 onwards will be up to the new exec - except for Karaoke which is fixed for week 6 and week 10, the latter of which will luckily be back in Avon Drama Studio.

Elections will have pre sign-ups but people can also turn up on the day to run for each position. The SU also now requires “proof of election” which will need to be submitted for whoever wins. We’ll also announce the election several times across platforms so people don’t miss it. Now that we also have a guillotine, cutting ballot paper is incredibly easy! We then went through the rules for the election, including that members can take part, and our roles on the day.

We then briefly laughed about how no one can use technology. Tomas also boasted about how he is a top 300 contributor on UltraStar, but is that really a flex? Unsure. He also made a point to not be horrible at the election, so you can trust we’ll be on our best behaviour.

Hawari then took the stage to talk about Warwick (Anisoc) Draws. For those who don’t know, this is a project idea by previous exec which we want to bring to life this year, in which the society draws an opening frame by frame all together. We’d make a dedicated channel for it, and also the opening we picked to do is Code Geass OP 1 - Colors! Hawari will be setting up which frames we’d individually draw and Tomas made a good point about the CG animation, and we’d need a creative idea to replace it since we can’t expect a human to do that. Specific rules would be that the frame needs to look the same, characters should be in the same position and have the same amount, and it “has to flow” (haha see the joke?). A lot of people who draw in the society draw on paper. We’d also mandate inking if doing it on paper.

Hawari also showed us the folder of all the frames and we then watched a few examples, so it’s safe to say we’ve got an exciting project on our hands! What followed was a lot of discussion on taking on frames and ideas for contributions.

Finally, a quick notice to me to add various posts to the Instagram and finish the announcement before tonight…

Main Series!

We then began with pitches, so we kicked things off with Black Lagoon.

Elimination Rounds

What follows is all the pictures of what we voted for and how we ended up with our final 4 choices…

And with that, we were settled on:

That concluded our meeting, and we proceeded to look forward to Tuesday’s showing!