Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 7, Term 1 Announcement


Posted on 14/11/2022 by Ana

Hi everyone! It’s yet another Sunday/Monday and it’s that time of the week - and I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for an announcement ever since this weekend’s thrilling karaoke. We’ve got a few exciting notices this week - 3 whole showings to get into! But first, one quick notice:

Main Series this week WILL be in MS.02. Last week’s move back was unprecedented and unfortunately due to an overrunning maths lecture :( we don’t anticipate this happening again this week so PLEASE make sure you’re in MS.02 on Tuesday!

With that, let’s TL;DR:

All this and more, right now!

Tuesday (15/11) Main Series and Exec Choice [Alex]

After Roger began wandering last week (look, I’m watching it tonight ok?), we’re continuing with Season 2 of The Big O for Main Series! Everything’s about to get spicy in Paradigm City as our favourite large robot punches its way to alphabetical supremacy in episodes 17, 18 and 19. Catch this at 19:00 on Tuesday in MS.02!

As for this week’s exec choice, we have everyone’s favourite bumbling technician, Alex D, back with another set of strangely therapeutic shows, one of which features a duvet for an opening theme. We’re truly bringing back old(er) but gold shows with this one - choices are as follows!

See you on Tuesday for a much needed relaxation showing!

Wednesday (16/11) Members Choice

From 17:00 in MS.02, we’ll be running our classic members choice event! To explain, this is “basically the all-nighter but less of a meme and during the day” according to Tomas (probably).

Bring your favourite shows, OVAs, recommendations or childhood nostalgia trips on a USB, external HDD, DVD or Blu-ray and if voted in, we’ll watch 2 episodes of it!

Saturday (19/11) Movie Night

And our beloved movie night is back too! Grab your popcorn and head on over to MS.02 for what should be your third time this week, at 19:00 for an evening of high-octane gang drama, as we watch classic yakuza-style hit Tekkonkinkreet (https://myanimelist.net/anime/2154/Tekkon_Kinkreet). If you enjoyed last year’s Ping Pong showing, you’re in for a ride as this film’s by the same author!

A short set of announcements but a packed schedule nonetheless - this week promises to be one of our best yet! So bring your friends, flatmates and maybe even your favourite plushies for our showings, and all of us on the exec hope to see you soon - unless you’ve caught this week’s karaoke bug :P