Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 3, Term 1 Announcement


Posted on 23/10/2022 by Ana

Hi there everyone! After being brutally KO’d by campus security, we’ve picked ourselves up and are back on our feet after what was still a brilliant karaoke weekend :) This week will be a little quieter, but we have a brilliant set of socials and showings ready for you! Let’s see what’s on offer:

Tuesday (18/10) Main Series and Exec Choice [Seb]

Episodes 5-7 of The Big O will air in MS.01 from 19:00 on Tuesday. If, like me, you were swooning at Roger Smith last week, his negotiation prowess can only increase as we get further into the series. Although considering all the details, calling him a negotiator seems like underselling him a little…

And again, this week we have an exec choice! This time, it is our head librarian, Seb, back with yet another “Seb Tuesday”. We have an exec choice filled with old-but-gold sports anime, all to do with Combat Sports! And also there’s a trailer included.

See you on Tuesday - and remember to wear suits to this showing if you can!

Wednesday (19/10) Meal Social @ Shin Ramen

Sign-ups have CLOSED for our meal social at Shin Ramen this week, so here are the details for those attending. Read carefully!

if you’re coming you have two options:
- Meet us on the piazza around 18:30 to travel with everyone via bus.
- Meet us at Shin Ramen by 19:30 sharp.

The most important thing is that you BRING CASH if coming to Shin, otherwise payment can’t be accepted. There is an ATM at the piazza on campus, and the exec will remind everyone when we’ve met up. Please remember this!

And that’s all for this week, with a nice empty weekend for us all to relax and recover from sore throats. Oh and remember, fill in those MCM Comic-Con forms if you haven’t already - all available from previous announcements! See you soon :)