Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 2, Term 1 Announcement


Posted on 23/10/2022 by Ana

Greetings, everyone ! Hope you’ve had a chance to try out our showings and meet new people and members. However, the best is yet to come; our biggest event makes its long-anticipated return this week, along with plenty more fun :O

So, to begin with:

Tuesday (11/10) Main Series and Exec Choice [Tomas]

Catch us in MS.01 from 19:00 as per usual this Tuesday for the continuation of this term’s landslide-voted Main Series, The Big O! We’ll be joining Roger Smith and Dorothy for another week of negotiation-filled fun, as we watch Episodes 2-4 (https://myanimelist.net/anime/567/The_Big_O).

But wait! There’s more - Tomas’ exec choice! Every week, after main series, an exec will pick 3 shows which we’ll watch an opening each of, before voting. The show with the most votes gets its first 2 episodes shown!
The three shows for exec choice this week are in fact all mecha-themed, so why not pick your favourite from our very own president’s selection? The choices are:

See you there, mecha soc!

Wednesday (12/10) Drop-in Cosplay Social

If you’re interested in cosplay, join us on Wednesday from 19:00 in MS.05 for our relaxed cosplay social! The goal of the night is to discuss cosplays in time for October’s MCM Comic-Con (more details below), but anyone and everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first time hearing about cosplay or your 500th time dressing up!

Here, you can trial your cosplays if you have one already and receive feedback from members, get help with finding cosplay materials or props online, get your measurements taken, and even learn a thing or two about wig maintenance, makeup application or dance routines. It promises to be a fun, chill experience - so do come along if interested!

Saturday (15/10) Karaoke Event


If you haven’t been to our legendary karaoke events, they are not to be missed! Pop in on Saturday to the Avon Drama Studio in Westwood from 15:00 to sing your heart out all night long! From Japanese bops to club hits to obscure YouTube parodies, we’ve got it all on our system and there’s still time to map out your favourite tunes if they aren’t on our list!

Remember to not film or photograph members without their explicit permission at this event.

MCM Trip Reminders

We’ll be heading to MCM Comic-Con in London on Saturday 29th October as a society, so remember to buy a General Entry ticket ASAP! Tickets will sell out very quickly - so make sure you do so as quickly as you can.

If you’re thinking of coming with the society, please fill out the following forms!

Travel form:
Contact form:

Trip info document, with full details!

Hope to see you all there at MCM, and please make sure to read all the above carefully so you’re well informed on all logistics and plans :)

And with that, that’s this week’s exciting announcements wrapped up! But the fun hasn’t started yet, so see you at our showings and events and on Saturday, let’s belt out some tunes because honestly, we all need it. Have a great week! <3