Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 1, Term 1 Announcement


Posted on 03/10/2022 by Ana

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new year, with some new faces! We’re excited to have all the freshers joining us and all our past members returning for a jam packed week 1 - let’s see what’s happening…

Tuesday (04/10) Main Series

On Tuesday from 19:00 in MS.01 we’ll be showing our first main series showing of the term - this one is important so read ahead!

Main series is our main society event where we watch a series to completion across a term. The first showing is used to vote on what series we watch - you have 4 choices as selected by the exec:

We will watch the first episode of each, and whichever gets the most votes at the end of the showing wins! We’ve hand-picked these choices for the most variety and fun possible, so come along for some old favourites or to try something new - there’s something for everyone :)

Saturday (08/10) All-Nighter Event

The all-nighter is BACK and better than ever, from 20:00 on Saturday 08/10 to 8:00 on Sunday 09/10 in LIB2! We’ll be showing everything and anything from TV to movies to OVAs to, uh, spongebob, and best of all - you get to pick as the night goes on!

The starter show to begin the event will be Devilman Crybaby (https://myanimelist.net/anime/35120/Devilman__Crybaby), which we’ll be watching 2 episodes of - we’ll then open up voting for members to choose and put forward their own shows. To get the best experience, please do bring any and all of your own shows that you’d like to put up on USB, external HDD or DVD/Blu-ray.


If you want a great day out with the added anime merch bonus, why not come with us to MCM Comic-Con? We’ll be heading on Saturday 29th October, so remember to buy a General Entry ticket ASAP! Tickets will sell out very quickly so do this with haste, or you might miss out :(

And that’s a wrap! If this is your first announcement, don’t worry you’ll get used to me every week <3 And if not, glad to see you again! Come say hi on Tuesday and remember to show up if you’d like to pick up your art from the drawing event! See you there :D