Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 10, Term 3 Announcement


Posted on 27/06/2022 by Ana

Well well well everyone, it’s the end of the year :( But it’s not the end for anisoc quite yet, as we have our final showing this week! So let’s round off with the last announcement of the academic year

Let’s get started on the ending then!

Tuesday (28/06) Exec Choice + Member’s Choice

It’s fitting that our last showing of the term is incredibly complex… our webmaster, Damian @circuitover#2585, will be showing us all a concoction of videos, clips, music and just pure art (note the lack of MAL links) as he takes us on a journey through anime culture across the years. If you’re ready to reminisce, this is not one to be missed - catch us in MS.02 from 19:00!

But before, why not show us your nostalgic picks? Bring your favourite shows, OVAs and more on a DVD/USB and pitch it as part of Member’s Choice - we’ll vote on the best one and if your show is picked, we’ll watch 2 episodes of it! What a deal, am I right?

NOTE: Member’s Choice will be shown before Exec choice this week.

Hoodies - Final Call for Payment and Pick-up!

If you haven’t paid the final £3.75 for your hoodie, please do so ASAP. If you weren’t able to make it to BFK or need to pick up your hoodie, DM an exec and we can help sort out a pick-up time or arrangement for you to do so :)

One Last Message…

Before you all head out for a well-deserved summer break, I and all the exec want to give you all our heartfelt thanks for making this year a brilliant one. From meal socials to karaoke, every single event we’ve put on has been a resounding success and it’s truly touching to see how much of a family we’ve become (obviously with the help of numerous childcare exec choices).

Being such a big society, it might seem like we should all be completely separate and cliquey - but it’s so much fun talking to each and every one of you and we’ve managed to be one of the most comfy, widely friendly groups on campus. There’s so much good in this soc and it wouldn’t be this good if a single one of you wasn’t around. So from the bottom of our hearts as exec, thank you for being here. Whether you’re graduating, returning, or even moving to Japan, have the best summer possible, and most of all…