Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 9, Term 3 Announcement


Posted on 19/06/2022 by Ana (Secretary)

Rejoice, everyone, for the term is almost over - and we’re certainly closing it out with a bang! We’ve got plenty to go through this week so let me skip the preamble and tl;dr immediately:

And now, the details!

Tuesday (21/06) Exec Choice + Member’s Choice

Love him or hate him (you can’t ever hate the guy though), Alex D, our AV Tech has brought us some of the most memorable anime in his time. So, if you enjoyed Kino or practically any of his choices, be sure to come to his Exec Choice this week - in MS.02 at 19:00 - to watch Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: Quiet Country Cafe (https://myanimelist.net/anime/976/Yokohama_Kaidashi_Kikou__Quiet_Country_Cafe), a charming, relaxing foray into a not-so-everyday everyday life.

And after exams, we could all use with some relaxation - so why not bring your chill picks to Member’s Choice afterwards? Bring your shows on DVD/USB, pitch them, and if it wins we’ll watch 2 episodes of it straight after Alex’s pick <3

Wednesday (22/06) Meal Social - Shin Ramen

There are 2 SPOTS left to sign up for our meal social at Shin Ramen! More details are available on the signup page at
https://animesoc.co.uk/events/event/84/, so be sure to sign up, or DM an exec to do so.

Logistics-wise, if you’re coming you have two options:
- Meet us on the piazza around 18:30 to travel with everyone via bus.
- Meet us at Shin Ramen by 19:30.

As per usual, please remember to bring cash to pay at the restaurant, as well as for the bus for ordering any group tickets.

A reminder and more details will be posted on the day to iron out exact travel arrangements or any precise plans. Keep your eyes peeled!

Hoodie Details - Shipment and Payment

Did you order a hoodie? If you did, read on.

I’m sure you’re waiting patiently for the shipment to arrive, and so are we! Just to confirm hoodie sales, we need a final payment from everyone who ordered one. You can do this using the details from https://forms.gle/8U6mo2yizv8Z9kka7 - it will cost £3.75.

Hoodies should arrive on the 22nd at the latest, hopefully before. If you’d like to pick one up, you can hopefully do them by the meal social but likely at BFK! More details will be posted by Tomas when he receives the shipment, so feel free to direct any queries to either of us.

BFK, BFK, BFK, BFK - Karaoke on Sunday (26/06)!

And speaking of BFK, IT’S HERE! Anisoc’s biggest, bestest karaoke event is happening THIS SUNDAY from 14:00 in the Avon Drama Studio. Bring your friends, your drinks, and your karaoke picks and get ready to sing your heart out to close off what’s been an amazing year.

And with that, hope you all have a BRILLIANT week and can’t wait to see you at events and showings! It’s going to be a great one, but it’ll be the best with all of you there. You rock, anisoc <3