Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 8, Term 3 Announcement


Posted on 13/06/2022 by Ana (Secretary)

Everyone, tonight comes a late announcement brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Secretary. In ruining my sleep schedule however, I shall drag you all down with me - as we have a whole host of events this week you shouldn’t be sleeping on, quite… literally. Let’s tl;dr!

So without further ado, onto this week’s news!

Tuesday (14/06) Exec Choice + Member’s Choice

Whether you’ve enjoyed Beyblade action or the cosiness of Hinamatsuri, it’s safe to say exec choices have been hugely varied this term. And what better way to keep our variation going than with a joint exec choice? This week, from 19:00 in MS.02, we bring to you 3 shows handpicked by, well, us - and there’s loads of genres on offer! Choices are as follows:

We’ll vote based on openings this week, and the winning show will have 3 episodes shown! And straight after this, member’s choice runs as per usual, where you bring your favourite shows on DVD/USB, we all vote, and 2 episodes will be broadcast to the society.

See you there - this will be one to remember for sure!

Saturday (18/06) All-Nighter

Exams left your sleep schedule in an irrecoverable state? Well fear not - we’ll be hosting our classic all-nighter, from 20:00 on Saturday 18/06 to 8:00 on Sunday 19/06 in B2.04/05! From TV, to OVAs, to a certain forbidden House… anything goes at this event as we inevitably stray from anime society glory.

The starter show to begin the event will be Flip Flappers (https://myanimelist.net/anime/32979/Flip_Flappers), which we’ll be watching 2 episodes of - we’ll then open up voting for members to choose and put forward their own shows. To get the best experience, please do bring any and all of your own shows that you’d like to put up on USB, external HDD or DVD/Blu-ray.

Meal Social (22/06) Signups - Opening Soon!

It all began at Shin Ramen - so it’s only right it ends there too! Join us for an end of year meal social like no other, on Wednesday 22nd June, as we celebrate the end of a brilliant year for anisoc!

More details are available on the signup page - signups themselves will open on Tuesday at 20:30!

And that’s a wrap! Hope everyone had loads of fun at RRPS on Saturday, and that you all will have fun at all the events and showings for this week! Have an amazing one!!