Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 6, Term 3 Announcement


Posted on 30/05/2022 by Ana (Secretary)

Hey there everyone! Hope life is treating you all well. It is time for your favourite (hopefully) time of the week, and boy have we got some short, yet sweet vibes in store for you - let’s run through it!

So without further ado…

Tuesday (31/05) Exec Choice + Member’s Choice

This week’s exec choice is brought to you by, well, me (Ana)! As your wholesome secretary, I’ve decided that everyone needs a fluffy, fun break from things - and what better thing to watch than My Neighbour Totoro (https://myanimelist.net/anime/523/Tonari_no_Totoro)? So join us in MS.02 from 19:00 on Tuesday, for the exec choice you hopefully didn’t know you needed… and besides, one can never get enough of Totoro.

But the wholesome doesn’t end there! Why not bring a fun show on DVD/USB to view afterwards, as part of Member’s Choice? We’ll vote on the selection of shows, and decide as a group as to what gets shown. Please note - due to the length of Totoro, we’ll only be showing ONE episode of whatever show is voted in for Member’s Choice.

Wednesday (01/06) Art Workshop

This term is definitely one for the anisoc history books, as we’re running our first ever Art Workshop! If you want to doodle, sketch, paint or draw, we’ll be providing a few materials for everyone to use as we learn from each other and chat over pen and paper.

And who better to learn art from than the designer of Ani-chan, Chase? He’ll be demonstrating some of his amazing art and showing us how to develop a style just as beautiful as our mascot <3

So pop along to MS.05 at 18:00 for a chill evening of art, socialising and sharing - regardless of skill, talent or interest, everyone is welcome to just chat and vibe!

Saturday (11/06) Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors Event!

Have you ever wanted to simulate crippling deb- I MEAN, have you ever wanted to board the Espoir and play the survival games from Term 1’s main series, Kaiji (https://myanimelist.net/anime/3002/Gyakkyou_Burai_Kaiji__Ultimate_Survivor)? Well, fear no more - from 18:00 in B2.02 on the 11th June, you’ll be able to do just that!

Signups for our restricted RPS event open TUESDAY at 20:30 - more details are on the signup link right here https://animesoc.co.uk/events/event/83/.

Timetable Update

Attached is an updated timetable of events for this week. This includes the latest all-nighter announcement for week 8, as well as some finalised exec choice dates and other tweaks. Be sure to take a look to stay updated with all things anisoc :)

And that’s all folks! Hope to see you waddling into Totoro, RPS and all the other events we’ve got in store this term. Best of luck once again, and have an amazing week!