Warwick Anime & Manga Society – Week 5, Term 3 Announcement


Posted on 29/05/2022 by Ana (Secretary)

Everyone, HALFWAY THERE! The end of exams is hopefully in sight and this week marks midway through the term, so let’s go through the fun we’ve got in store…

Let’s get right into it!

Tuesday (24/05) Exec Choice + Member’s Choice

What happened to Aliens 1 through to 8? Well, hopefully we’ll find out in our president, Tomas’ exec choice this week! Catch us in MS.02 from 19:00 for Alien 9 (https://myanimelist.net/anime/1177/Alien_9), a fix of horror and sci-fi drama sure to keep you entertained.

And what if you want more alien action? Well, bring a DVD/USB of your favourite shows for member’s choice, which follows! If your show wins our vote, we watch 2 episodes of it after exec choice - see you there!

Week 8 Saturday All-Nighter (18/06-19/06)

On the Saturday of Week 8, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be holding an all-nighter this term! From 20:00 onwards, we’ll be watching shows all the way until the early hours of Sunday morning (08:00).

More details are to follow in subsequent announcements, including starter show, location and general vibes - the voting system for shows will remain the same. If you’re not familiar, this is similar to member’s choice in that you get to put up shows you’d like and the society votes for the winning one.

Hope you’re looking forward to it!!

Hoodie Orders - FINAL WEEK!

If you want that sweet, sweet anisoc merch, please submit this form https://forms.gle/cEq6N4FaAHm1sUCTA by Friday 27/05 when our orders close.

You’ll need to pay a £15 deposit to our Treasurer, Koh. Please ensure this is also done before we make our orders if you’ve submitted the form but haven’t paid yet.

IMPORTANT; Final MCM Details

If you’re heading to MCM London Comic-Con with the society, this section is for you - please ensure you give it a thorough read so you’re fully informed of all the details of our trip!

A Google Doc has been put together with everything you need to know. This includes all logistical details and planning thus far - if you haven’t read it and are attending, DO SO ASAP.

Here’s the Google Doc:
Here’s the Google Form, which attendees will need to fill out if they haven’t already:

Just to make sure everyone’s totally prepared for the trip with details, please pop along to a brief Q&A with our events coord, Conran @Cheung_C#3456 after Tuesday’s screening, to ask any questions you’ve got, get some answers, or even solidify plans with others.

And with that, that’s this week all laid out! Hope to see you at all our showings and events, and BEST OF LUCK with exams and uni!