Warwick Anime and Manga Society – Week 3, Term 2 Announcement


Posted on 23/01/2022 by Luke

Another week, another announcement! Its almost Exec Election time so this announcement contains important information which you’ll want to read if you plan on running!

Main Series Showings
Our term-long showing of Ping Pong The Animation will continue this Tuesday at 19:00 in MS02.. This week we’re watching episodes 5-7. If you missed last week’s episodes do catch up, as we’ll be continuing with the series until its completion in week 5.

This week’s mystery exec choice has been selected by Stefan, our Librarian! Stefan’s choices will be kept secret - but the astute might be clever enough to decipher them! All will be revealed on Tuesday! Formal clothing is encouraged for this event, but not necessary.

There will also be a special election presentation after the showing which we’d highly recommend coming to if you’re planning on running for Exec (read more below)

Exec Elections
Its almost Week 5 so that means I’m going to be spamming you with Exec Election updates for the next couple weeks! For anyone considering running or voting in our Elections (held on 8/2/22) READ THE INFORMATION BELOW.

Firstly, in order to vote in the election, or to nominate yourself to run, you must be a member of the society. Anyone who is not a member of the society by 23:59 on Wednesday 26th January will NOT be able to run or vote. Consequently, make sure to buy membership ASAP if you want to participate.

Information regarding the various positions up for grabs in the upcoming elections can be read at the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b4wagcfB8e0jIKT99psyMDfBCpDp2e4ZkvTkE1ofhcY/edit?usp=sharing

As mentioned above, on Tuesday we’ll be holding a presentation once the Exec Choice has finished (approx. 22:00) which will explain how the election will be ran as well as providing additional key information on the duties and responsibilities of each position. It will also give you the opportunity to ask the Exec questions about the election or their positions. It is highly recommended that everyone interested attend.

Manga Social
This Wednesday from 18:00 -22:00, we’ll be holding another Manga/LN social in MS05. Come by at any time to talk about any and all things manga and light novel related, as well as read from our extensive library collection! There’ll also be some games set up too!

Your Name – Warwick Student Cinema
Just a heads up that WSC are showing Your Name on Thursday. Tickets will cost £3 for Anime Society members, or £4 for everyone else and can be bought on the day at the cinema or online. Make sure to tell them thanks for the discount! The Student Cinema is located in L3 (across the Library bridge – next to the All-Nighter building).

That’s all for this week. Have a great week ahead!

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