05/1/22 Exec Meeting Minutes


Posted on 14/01/2022 by Luke

Present are:

Caius: First, I want to briefly talk about Discord moderation.

Caius: A week ago, around Christmas Eve, there was an incident between some people and random people who raided the server to troll. These incidents arose because X has sent something that was politically charged. The point I want to make about this is that previously, we have been relatively strict about political content not being discussed in the server – in relation to clause II it could potentially spark flares, which is what happened when people screenshotted the chat and sent it to a private server, where they then brigaded the server.

Caius: If the crux of the issue is political content, we should be more strict about what happens as it can produce incidents like this and make people feel uncomfortable. So, I’d just like to reinforce that we need to prevent political discussions, especially those that cross onto controversial topics.

[Exec agree on need to take more action on controversial political topics, although permit incidental talk about UK politics eg “This is the stock exchange, there’s no money here you can steal”
“Really? Then why are you people here?”]

Election Scheduling

Caius: Now I want to talk about the election. Currently I am waiting for SU guidance before we create firm election plans. Nonetheless, I want to release a document with the election roles by Week 3, and do a presentation on Election roles on Week 4. Ideally, we’d have all Exec present where each exec would go through their respective roles for the purposes of the public.

Caius: Is there anything else we should discuss for now?

Luke: What about cut off period for when people can run?

Stefan: Maybe two weeks before the election?

Caius: I would like to have the document out one week before we cut it out; what we can do is send out the document in Week 3 announcement, and then cut it off Tuesday the same week or Saturday.

Tomas: That’s fine, we can just mention it during one of the showings that if you haven’t bought a membership by X date you won’t be able to run or vote.

Caius: Okay, we can leave the discussion there until we get further guidance in that case.

The next Exec… Its all over bros…

Anisoc Schedule

Caius: Regarding our Schedule for this term, we haven’t received anything back about our proposed E-Sports collab. We have our standard Tuesday events, and the All-Nighter on W1, and Karaoke on Friday W2 booked. Aside from that, we need to work out the rest of our plans.

[Exec Agree to hold meal socials on Week 6 and Week 10].

Caius: Do we want to go anywhere other than Shin Ramen this time?

Luke: Luke: I want to go to Zorbas. I know its not Asian food, but I just want to go somewhere that serves good food for a change

Caius: The alternative is going to another place, like the place with Lem, but they all want deposits which creates a lot of inconvenience. Its something we can work around but I’m not sure its worth it as the portions are small.

Caius: A potential problem with Zorbas though is that it has increased complexity; we’d have to take two buses, so make sure not to get lost ahem Luke, and we’d have to leave earlier and come back later.

Gordan Ramsay: Finally, some good fucking food.

[Exec agree we will go to Zorbas – Luke will call restaurant tomorrow to finalise plans]

Caius: What about for Wednesdays?

Tomas: We could kill two birds with one stone; have a meal social and then move library to Esports afterwards

Caius: That works. And on Week 3, we can do a Movie Night. I think that’s all right since we had a lot of events in Term 1, and I think one of my reflections is that we did too many events.

Tomas: We can also fit Stefans request to do another fighting game social into the manga social as well.


Tomas: I also have plans to do first episode simulcasts on the Discord, depending on what people want to watch. But it depends if Zoggoth wants to do his on the server or not.

[Agreement – happy either way]

Tomas: What about Student Cinema showing Your Name in Week 3?

Caius: I’m happy to go to that, although its not required for other Exec members.

Paintball Logistics
[Discussing logistics for upcoming Paintball events]

Caius: The impetus should be on us to present a plan on what to do, so thta’s what I’m going to be doing.

We need to sort out;
• Logistics of how we will be getting there
• To pick and book the location – most likely the place in Wolverhampton given that it’s the easiest to reach on public transport, but if we get a coach we could reach other locations which are more convenient
• First permutation is also to ask whether Birmingham would be willing to get a coach (this will also affect the location)
• Assume we won’t need to cap it but need to ask for an estimate on the maximum amount of people who will sign up.
• Another permutation is ask Birmingham whether willing to upfront the cost (as presumably we will have to pay lump front deposit up front, which we will then recuperate from members)
• Someone has to call the paintball thing ( Tomas volunteered – call tomorrow)
• Present the Birmingham Exec
• Afterwards I was planning doing something in Birmingham since they have a vast array of restaurants
• For our travel purposes could be we do coach there, coach back to Birmingham and then train back to Cov
• Paintball makes you sign a waiver -> say that by coming, you agree the society is not liable for anything

CIA agent: “If I pull that [paintball mask] off, will you die?”

Bane: “It would be extremely painful…”

CIA agent: “You’re a big guy.”

Bane: “…for you.”

Finally, onto main series

Main Series
[Intense discussion proceeds, and we whittle it down to four candidates:
Boogipop Phantom
Kids on the Slope
Made in Abyss
Ping Pong]

Berserk losing in the Termn 1 main series was an absolute travesty…

Defeated by the 🦃, we will remember the Soprano posters…