Warwick Anime and Manga Society - Term 1, Week 10


Posted on 06/12/2021 by Luke

Congratulations for surviving until the end of term 1 - I hope everyone is having a relatively stress-free end of the term and is looking forward to the holidays! To help end Term 1 with a bang we have a bunch of events this week to look forward to.

Main Series Showing + End of Term Quiz
With one more episode to go, our term-long of Kaiji showing will finally reach its ultimate conclusion this Tuesday, at the typical time of 19:00 in MS01!
There will be no Exec Choice this week but rather, instead, after the last episode of Kaiji (approx 19:40) our customary End of Term Quiz shall begin!
The quiz will feature a variety of completely fair, fiendish (and hopefully fun!) quiz rounds made by the Exec, based on shows we have shown across our events this term. We will be placing people into random teams, so even if you haven’t been to many events this term, feel free to come along as everyone can still contribute! There will also be a grand prize for the winning team!

Sword Art Online The Movie: Progressive Cinema Trip
As mentioned in the previous announcement, we have organised a cinema trip to go and watch Sword Art Online Progressive for the 20:20 showing in Odeon Coventry cinema. Make sure to sign up quickly if you’re interested in joining so we can work out logistics. For more information and to signup, check the form (below) and pay Caius (President) the ticket fee (details on the form) so he can group buy tickets: https://forms.gle/jBzbozHmRSE1uJvu9

Shin Ramen Meal Social
For those who missed the previous announcement, due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, we have had to cancel our planned trip to Jineson K-BBQ. Instead, we have arranged a trip to Shin Ramen on Friday instead. To those who didn’t make sign-ups, whilst sign-ups to Shin have closed, you can still join the waitlist (https://animesoc.co.uk/events/event/73/) and we will try to make arrangements so that everyone can come.
The plan will be the same as last time – we will meet at the Piazza steps at 18:00 or (for those meeting us there) 18:45-19:00 at Shin Ramen itself. Remember to bring CASH for payment to get a 10% discount, and to bring a £1 coin for group bus tickets.

Last but not least, on Saturday from 16:30 onwards we’ll be holding our final Karaoke of the term in Westwood room WA0.24!
To check our song collection, or to add a song to the collection, you can access the guide on our website which you can find here: https://animesoc.co.uk/karaoke/requests/
If your desired song isn’t on there, and you’d like to try your hand at mapping a song to sing, check out the pinned post in #karaoke-discussion for a quick and easy guide on how to map songs.

That’s all for this term. Have a Merry Christmas @everyone, and we’ll see you in Term 2!

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