Anime and Manga Society Newsletter - Term 1, Week 9


Posted on 28/11/2021 by Luke

Hey @everyone,

Just two more weeks left until the end of term – time has sure flown by fast! Thanks to everyone who turned up to our All-Nighter last night :). This week we have plenty of news, including plans for our Week 10 meal social sign-ups as well as information about an extra Karaoke event! Read below for more information

Main Series Showings
Our term-long showing of Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor will continue on Tuesday at the typical time of 19:00 in MS01. This week we will be watching episodes 23-25. If you missed last week’s episodes do catch up, as we’ll be continuing with the series until its completion in week 10.

This week’s exec choice has been selected by Tom, our Treasurer and Head Librarian! You can vote for as many as you like from the following, although only one will be the winner:

Haibane Renmei -
The Tatami Galaxy/Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei -
Texhnolyze -

NB: for Week 10 the Exec Choice will be replaced with the End of Term quiz.

Movie Showing – Patema Inverted
This Saturday, we’ll be showing the film Patema Inverted/Sakasama no Patema for our second movie night of the term! The showing will take place in MS02 and will begin at 19:00.

Jineson K-BBQ Meal Social Sign-Ups
Sign ups for our second meal social of the term (taking place on Wednesday, 8th December Week 10) will open this Tuesday at 20:40. Whilst it is customary to go to Shin Ramen, unfortunately Shin Ramen was fully booked so this time we are going to Jineson Korean BBQ instead, which is located next door to Shin.

Sign-ups will initially be limited to 60 the first people, with anyone else going on a reserve list, subject to being able to book more seats. You can find more details and sign up for the meal/reserves when it goes live by clicking the following link: /

(NB that whilst the website for reserve sign-ups isn’t set up at the time of writing the announcement, it will be working by time sign-ups open.)

Sword Art Online The Movie: Progressive Cinema Trip Sign-ups
Very excitingly, Sword Art Online Progressive is being shown in cinemas all over the UK, including Coventry! For those unaware, the movie is an alternative timeline version of the first arc of the SAO anime (Aincrad). We are planning on hosting the trip on Thursday 9th December (week 10) for the 20:20 showing in Odeon Coventry cinema. For more information and to signup, can you please fill in this form and pay Caius (President) the ticket fee (details on the form) so he can group buy tickets:

Karaoke Announcement (Week 10)
Leaving the best until last, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be holding one final extended-length Karaoke on Saturday the 11th (Week 10) from 16:30! More concrete information will follow in next week’s announcement, but make sure you don’t head home from University early if you plan on coming.

Additionally, it has come to our attention that a large number of recordings were made and distributed during the previous Karaoke event without seeking permission. Whilst we’re sure they were made with the best of intentions, we would hate for people to feel uncomfortable at the event due to fear of being recorded. Therefore, we kindly request that people refrain from directly recording people they don’t personally know during future events. Thank you. :anichan_thumbs_up:

That’s it for this week. Have a great week ahead everyone!