Anime and Manga Society Newsletter - Term 1, Week 7


Posted on 14/11/2021 by Luke

Anime and Manga Society Newsletter– Term 1, Week 7
Hey everyone,

We’ve got another busy week of events coming up, with our Main Series Kaiji, Old School Anime Night, and Karaoke. Read below to find out more!

Main Series Showings
Our term-long showing of Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor will continue this Tuesday at the typical time of 19:00 in MS01. This week we will be watching episodes 17-19. If you missed last week’s episodes do catch up, as we’ll be continuing with the series until its completion in week 10.

This week’s exec choice, which will follow shortly after the conclusion of Kaiji, has been selected by our favourite President, Caius! You can vote for as many as you like from the following, although only one will be the winner:

Princess Tutu
The Eccentric Family/Uchouten Kazoku
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Old School Anime Night
Our first Old School Anime Night of the term is taking this Wednesday from 17:00-22:00 in S0.11. Old School Anime night is specifically designed to provide an opportunity to show a variety of older, more unique anime which would otherwise be put at a disadvantage in other settings. The event will be run in a similar fashion to Member’s Choice or the All Nighter, so make sure to bring anime with you if you want to nominate something.

In keeping with the theme of the event there are some guidelines to bare in mind when suggesting a show. Make sure the show:
• Has finished airing before 2003
• Is not excessively long to allow for a broader range of anime

This Saturday from 15:00 – 22:00 we’ll be holding our second Karaoke of the term in Westwood room WA0.24! Karaoke is not limited to just Japanese or anime songs, so feel free to ‘sing’ whatever you want!
If you want to check our song collection, or to add a song to the collection, check the guide on our website which you can find here

Additionally, if you’d like to try your hand at mapping a song yourself to sing, check out the pinned post in #Karaoke-discussion for a quick and easy guide on how to map songs.

The building requires card access to enter so make sure to bring your Warwick Student ID for faster entry. If you’re unsure how to get there, you can find WA0.24 on the interactive map here: