Term 1, Week 1 Events Announcements


Posted on 03/10/2021 by Luke

Hello @everyone,

We hope you found our events over the past week enjoyable - it was great to see so many people in person, especially after 18 months of online interaction! If you enjoyed yourself, consider coming along to our main series showing on Tuesday or all nightery on Saturday, information on which you can find below.

Main Series Choices
The main series is the main event of our society and occurs weekly. We gather every Tuesday at 19:00 in MS01 (the same place as our movie showings) to watch a term-long series, chosen via majoritarian vote in week one, which we watch at a pace of three episodes each week. This week is especially important because its where the voting will take place. We will show the first episode of our four nominated main series candidates. After all the viewings, we will choose which show to continue watching for the rest of the term via majoritarian vote. Feel free to vote for as many as you like - but you’ll only be able to vote if you show up so make sure to come along if you want to have your say!

You can find the four candidates, in the order that they’ll be shown, below. We will take a short break after the second showing to allow people to discuss the shows and rest.
Berserk: https://myanimelist.net/anime/33/Kenpuu_Denki_Berserk
Dennou Coil/Den-noh Coil: https://myanimelist.net/anime/2164/Dennou_Coil
Gurren Lagann/Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: https://myanimelist.net/anime/2001/Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann
Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor/Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor: https://myanimelist.net/anime/3002/Gyakkyou_Burai_Kaiji__Ultimate_Survivor

All Nighters

This Saturday, on the 9th of October, we’ll be holding the first our first All Nighter of the term in B2.04/05 in the Science Concourse! The event will last from Saturday 8pm till 8am Sunday morning, although you are by no means obliged to stay for the entire event so feel free to drop by at any time. There will also be plenty of breaks in between to socialise, eat and rest.

How does it work?
Throughout the night we will be watching a wide variety of OVAs, anime and movies, chosen and voted on by those in attendance. As such, we encourage people to bring their own anime to nominate either on a USB, external hardrive or DVD/Blu-ray. Starting with Nichijou, we will watch a couple of episodes and then open up voting. People will then pitch their shows to the audience, with democracy deciding whether to continue watching the current show or switch to another.

If you are struggling to find the room, either check the Warwick interactive map, http://campus-cms.warwick.ac.uk/share/9dfaf7541979acb8bc8a0bf67ccd7378, or message an exec.

Comic-Con Trip Details

As mentioned in the recently released Schedule, in Week 3 we are planning to travel together to London MCM Comicon on Saturday October the 23rd. You can find out what’s on offer in Comiccon here: https://www.mcmcomiccon.com/london/en-us/things-to-do.html

For those who would like to go with us, we will be entering with a General Entry Ticket (11:00 – 19:00) which you will need to purchase for yourself. We would recommend purchasing tickets as soon as possible as demand for the event is high. You can purchase the tickets here: https://www.showclix.com/event/mcm-comic-con-london-2021/listing

We will be travelling to Comicon via train, so train tickets will also need to be purchased. Logistical details, including where to buy the train tickets and what times, will be posted next week so make sure to keep an eye out!

That’s it for the main announcements this week! In more minor news, we’ve also opened up the #recommendations channel, so anyone can post a recommendation without having to wait for approval. Please broadly follow the format listed in the pinned messages and have all discussion related to the show in #anime

Hope everyone has a great start to Term 1!