2021 Exec Elections


Posted on 05/02/2021 by Danalite

2021 Exec Elections

How to apply for a position

We will begin taking applicants on Tuesday the 19th of January. Any applications received between the 19th and the 26th will be put onto this page all at once on the 26th.
Any applications received after the 26th will be put up here on the day that they are received, but we recommend getting any applications in before the 26th.

Before applying for a position please take the time to read this document to find out what the expectations are for that role.

To apply, fill out the following form.
If you wish to run for multiple roles, then fill out the form once for every role you wish to apply for.

In addition to this form, applicants will be expected to take part in a Q&A where members can ask them questions, the Q&As will take place on our Discord, the dates of these will be announced soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the current exec (Their names and Discord usernames are listed below).


The positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer must be held by 3 different people

Use these links to quickly scroll to a particular role

You can click on any image to enlarge it


Currently: Chih-Hsiang [The Resident Drug Lord]
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Caius Liu

Discord: RazorLazor#4093

Hi, I’m Caius, the current Head Librarian. Below is an outline of my prospective plan for the society.

In the short-term I will continue the current schedule, including maintaining the weekly events, after-event game socials, end-of-term quiz and holiday events. Like previous years though, term 3 will still have one showing a week due to exams.
Next academic year, my main aim will be to resume in-person social events in whatever capacity possible. My experiences from before and during Covid have told me that Discord and online events can only provide minimal compensation for the loss of all the interacting and friendship-making that traditionally occurs during offline events (the same is true of other societies I participate in). Covid’s unpredictability makes Exact plans difficult, but I will be flexible regarding what in-person events we host – it could just be a freshers’ meetup in a spacious park for example.

If we are stuck online though, I will continue the current schedule but have more social events during the first few weeks to encourage newcomer interaction on Discord. Besides what we’ve already done, some new group activities and discussion topics could be introduced.
Other things I’d like to oversee include:
- Continuing collaborations with other societies and universities (Japan society, Boba society, meetup with Birmingham’s AniManga society etc.)
- Freshening up the Discord server with a few new events and minor layout changes
- Partial or even complete reduction of next year’s AniSoc society fee
- Finding long-term storage and purchasing new books for the library

Caius President Poster


Currently: Alex [MeMyselfAndI]
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Caius Liu

Discord: RazorLazor#4093

Dear all,

I am writing to explain why I would be the best candidate for all the roles I am running for, most relevantly though for secretary.

The secretary’s main role is organisational and communicative: they must carefully manage deadlines, take precise but also extensive notes during meetings and communicate information as clearly and concisely as possible. Thus, firstly, as a sociology student whose main academic skills include writing essays and managing notes, plans and deadlines effectively, I am confident in my ability to perform these duties. Secondly, as a current exec member, I am very knowledgeable about the other exec’s roles and would integrate into my new duties easily. Lastly, as a person I am quite open, friendly and encouraging, frequently interacting with other members of the society.

I hope to gain your support for all the roles I am running for.

Yours sincerely
Caius Liu

Luke Jackson

Discord: Ikari#2253

Salutations fellow fleshy mammals! I’m Luke a second year law student running for Secretary!

For me, this year particularly, the society had an important role in bringing people together, forming friendships and keeping us connected. I’d like to run because I enjoy my time with the society and am well suited for the transition back to IRL events. Having had experience in administration and management for large organisations, I feel I am reliable, dependable, friendly and up for whatever challenges the role throws at me!

Why you should vote for me:
- Objectively good exec choices*
- Will facilitate IRL events as soon as it is safe to do so
- New ideas for social events and society including official yearly Intercollegiate competitions with other Unis; exec reviews & more
- More engagement on all forms of social media
- Most :dangerous: candidate
- Will defend our ‘legal’ streaming methods in court!


Currently: Lloyd [lloyd.conlin]
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Tom Leigh

Discord: Great Job#9435
Who am I?
>2nd year Maths and Philosophy student and current librarian
>Passionately argued for both of our main series winners in our 3 hour meetings
>Discord spammer - I probably said hi if you’re a first year too

My priorities:
Continue the current trajectory of anisoc spending:
As treasurer I will continue to spend anisoc money as we do currently - ensuring our books are in the green and that we are not spending on things that do not benefit large quantities of members.
Prevent out of pocket exec spending:
Occasionally, exec will spend out of pocket to benefit the society. This is not ill-intentioned, but I believe this is bad precedent and would move to minimise it wherever possible.

Will host a catboy maid café if you vote for me (terms and conditions apply)

Tom's Treasurer Poster


Currently: Tomas [Danalite]
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Tomas Iturralde

Discord: Danalite#3039

Our analytics team this year discovered that the average Anime Soc member spends between 22-23 hours each day browsing our website. This can be quite taxing on the eyes as our current website does not feature a dark theme. Therefore, my promise if I am re-elected is to add a dark theme for the site.

I’d also like to properly archive and restore parts of the old society website (pre-2016). A large part of the society’s history was lost with the old website, we have most of the files but it’s quite old and has no documentation, so it’s going to take a lot of time to get it running.

In the last year, I revamped both the website and discord bot, as well as making the slides for the Livestream, so you can be sure I’ll do the work required.

Tomas' Webmaster Poster

Audio Visual Technician

Currently: Trev [Nyaaaaaaaa]
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Tomas Iturralde

Discord: Danalite#3039

The AV needs to be able to obtain high-quality anime with good subtitles. Anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that I strive to always watch shows in the highest quality possible. On top of this, I can use all the software that would be required by an AV.

This year I’ve already helped in making the slides that stream viewers have come to love, and I both set up the stream at the start of the year and have run the stream myself when our current AV was unavailable, so I’m familiar with what the job requires.

If I am elected, I also promise to finish Warwick Subs™ subtitles for the Spanish dub of the legendary Korean animated classic Golden Batman. I would also like to increase the number of microphones at Karaoke, as 4 is usually not enough.

Tomas' AV Poster


Currently: Caius [RazorLazor], Tom [Great Job], Ben [Bonime], Karl [XYZEER THE GREED, AKA “XYZ”]
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Caius Liu

Discord: RazorLazor#4093

I’m applying for this role just in-case I don’t get into the other roles. I’m the current head librarian, so I know and have done it all. The main issue needing tackling with the library is the lack of a permanent long-term storage, so a solution to this would be ideal. Also, the boxes need washing since they’re currently quite dirty, so that’ll be a job for next academic year. Finally, some series are missing certain volumes at the start or in the middle so we could look at replenishing those collections if possible.

Stefan Turcu

Discord: Gigel420#9835

I have a vast knowledge of anime and manga, but I with this opportunity, I would like to expand it even further. I have read a broad range of mangas. I am also good at reading peoples tastes and recommending stuff. I am approachable and easy to talk. I live near Canley and have free time.

Gigi's Librarian Poster

Tom Leigh

Discord: Great Job#9435
Who am I?
>2nd year Maths and Philosophy student and current librarian
>Passionately argued for both of our main series winners in our 3 hour meetings
>Discord spammer - I probably said hi if you’re a first year too

As a librarian I have already done the job for a year and know what I’m doing. Also, I’ve read a sizeable chunk of the library manga and can recommend the good stuff.

Tom's Librarian Poster