Term 3 Week 7 Newsletter

Category: News, Posted by Danalite on 31 May 2020

Hello Everyone,

Weekly Showing

This week we are continuing to use Discord as our platform of choice for our online showings. If you join the new Streaming Channel voice chat on Tuesday at 7pm BST, you will find we are showing the following, in this order:

  • Fighting Spirit / Hajime no Ippo (MAL)
    • "Makunouchi Ippo is an easy target for bullies. He's unassertive and has little time to make friends, as he must help run his mother's fishing business instead. A fateful encounter with professional boxer Mamoru Takamura changes all this; he is rescued from the bullies and inspired to devote himself to the sport of boxing. Ippo must contend with hard training, tough opponents, and most importantly he must develop the fighting spirit needed to succeed." - Tom, Librarian
  • Shirobako (MAL)
    • "Shirobako follows a group of girls and their dream to get jobs in the anime industry! It's really informative, and great for people who want to learn a bit about the work surrounding anime and its production" - Karl, Librarian

- Alex