Term 3 Week 5 Newsletter

Category: News, Posted by Danalite on 17 May 2020

Hello Everyone,

Weekly Showing

This week we are continuing to use Discord as our platform of choice for our online showings. If you join the new Streaming Channel voice chat on Tuesday at 7pm BST, you will find we are showing the following, in this order:

  • Nanana's Buried Treasure  / Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (MAL)
    • "Nanae Island is an almost dream location, built so that young people could chase their dreams. Juugo Yama moves to this island for family reasons, and finds that his roommate is the ghost of Nanana Ryuugajou, a girl murdered 10 years prior. Juugo now has to find items from the Nanana Collection, a collection of magic items found by Nanana and her friends, in order to track down Nanana's killer, along with a "Master Detective" and her maid." - Lloyd, Treasurer
  • High School Fleet (MAL)
    • "High School Fleet is about a school which teaches it's students to operate naval warships; top quality CGDCT (there's nothing cuter than firing a destroyer's cannons)! When the ships leave the docks and head off for a training mission, the students on the Harekaze find themselves in a battle they never expected. If you know of Girls und Panzer, Haifuri is basically the naval warship version of it." - Trev, AV Technician


Film Night

We are also having a film night showing on Saturday 23rd May, next weekend, also hosted on our Discord, starting at 6pm BST. We are showing, in this order:

  • Giovanni's Island / Giovanni no Shima (MAL)
  • Cencoroll Connect (MAL)


- Alex