Term 3 Week 3 Newsletter

Category: News, Posted by Danalite on 04 May 2020

Hello Everyone,

Weekly Showing

This week we are continuing to use Discord as our platform of choice for our online showings. If you join the new Streaming Channel voice chat on Tuesday at 7pm BST, you will find we are showing the following, in this order:

  • Lovely★Complex (MAl)
    • "Risa and Atsushi try and help each other get their ideal boyfriend and girlfriend at school. The two are left clueless when their crushes fall for each other rather than them. The anime is about their friendship and life together at school." - Karl, Librarian
  • DNA² (MAL)
    • "As over population ravages the future, a DNA operator is sent back to stop the infamous 'playboy' who caused the population boom. In the present however, Junta (the alleged playboy) is allergic to women and is trying to overcome his allergy. The show develops as their lives intertwine more and more." - Ben, Librarian


- Alex