Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Category: News, Posted by Danalite on 27 Apr 2020

Hello Everyone,

Weekly Showing

This week we are continuing to use Discord as our platform of choice for our online showings. If you join the new Streaming Channel voice chat on Tuesday at 7pm BST, you will find we are showing the following, in this order:

  • White Album 2 (MAL)
    • "As Haruki Kitahara enters his last semester of high school, his dream of performing at the school festival grows ever so distant. Yet as he quietly strums his lonely guitar, a mysterious piano and angelic voice harmonises with him. White Album 2 promises a complex, riveting romance enveloped with exhilarating music." - Caius, Head Librarian
  • Daicon Opening Animations (2 episodes ~ 10 mins total) (MAL)
    • "The debut work of studio Gainax, the studio behind anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion; a bunnysuit-clad girl must fight her way through 70s anime to water her radish." - Tom, Librarian
  • Himegoto (13 episodes ~ 50 mins total) (MAL)
    • "The student council exploit a boy's debt and force him to crossdress." - Tom, Librarian


- Alex