Setting up Kast for Term 3 events

Category: Blog, Posted by Danalite on 20 Mar 2020

When making an account, we ask if possible, you either use your Discord username or your real name (or as close to them as possible if your name is not available) as your username for Kast. This not only allows others to recognise you but also means we can ensure that random people do not join the stream, as Kast does not allow any type of “nickname” – if you don’t think you will be recognised, please just let any exec know your new username.

To join us for a showing, you will need to make an account with Kast or link Kast with an existing Google account. You can either choose to download the Kast client or use the web version for PC. Alternatively, there is an app available for some mobile devices, however, we have not tested this very much and would advise you use the PC versions if possible. Both are available here. Both provide the same service, but the web version is only supported by Google Chrome.

After logging in, to find our Kast party, type “Warwick Animesoc” into the search bar located at the top of the screen. Click on the party called “Warwick Animesoc” and click “send request”. You will then be added to the group. To join the stream, click on the group and click “join the party”.

We recommend that people click “join the party” at least 10 minutes before the designated start time in order to not miss the start of the showing, as it takes us a little time to accept everyone’s requests.

We also warn you that the volume mixing on the website is a bit temperamental, so you may need to adjust both Kast’s volume and your device’s system volume.

If you want to talk to people through voice call, we will have 7-10 extra Discord voice channels so people can talk in small groups. If you have not joined our Discord server, you can do so here.

If you have any issue with any of this, feel free to email or send a message either on Discord or Facebook to any member of the exec.