03/03/2020 Exec Meeting Minutes

Category: Minutes, Posted by Danalite on 04 Mar 2020

Hoodie and T-shirt designs 

Name of the society on the hoodie? The exec was split (slight majority wanted the name on the hoodie?)

Depends on how big the text = might be a good idea 

Multiple colours? Not too many colours as it would probably be confusing 

Re-add details on the right wing of the logo 

Lloyd will ask porky what he did in terms of ordering the hoodies and T-shirts 

Orders in/received by week 5 Term 3 (requests begin/finish during the beginning of term 3?)

Discord exec roles 

Agreed on reverting the discord roles whilst maintaining the @-able roles (different colours). Adding welfare, equal-opportunity, and Health and Safety roles onto the discord will also be done

Old School anime night reflection (evaluation) 

Old-school anime night. Too long? once a term. Moved to a Wednesday in the future 

Potential template for main series choices 

looked at my (Chih-Hsiang’s) template for main-series (in order to codify and cement the society’s commitment to having a varied main series line-up)

Time frame

  • 1 show from the 90's (or earlier)
  • 1 or 2 show(s) from the 2000’s
  • 1 or 2 show(s) from the 2010’s 


  • 1 Romance show
  • 1 Action show

Reaction was mixed – constricts choice too much?

Laser tag (joint event)

laser tag - against tabletop society? week 1, term 3?

Term 3 Timetable (first look)

Look at my proposed (version 0.1) term 3 timetable - not too much disagreement. Ensures all main society events will occur at least once during term 3

Holiday Event

Holiday event – form to see what people are free? see what people want? 1 event? 

Quiz (week 10)

Quiz - times/question guidance - 18mins, 12 questions. OP's for non-shown exec choices is ok for the AMQ quiz 

Requesting new stuff for the library (form)

Library request forms? End of term 3 

Other stuff discussed

Exec will tell me what exams they have term 3 (for event managing)