Verifying Discord Account

Category: Blog, Posted by MrPorky on 08 Jul 2019

Whenever or not you have just joined the Discord or you have been around for years, you may want to get the Member role. To do so, there is only one requirement, being a current member of the society. This is a quick guide to allowing for you to add the role to yourself:

Linking the two accounts:

The first thing you will need to do is to link your Discord account to your University ID. This can be done by navigating to your profile and clicking edit. From there, you can enter in your Discord username (Username and discriminator, i.e. Username#9999). Once this is done you can save the changes and your accounts are now linked.

Adding the role:

From here, you should go onto the Anime Society Discord Server (if not on the server, you can join at Navigate to any channel such as #bot-commands and type !member [UniID]. For example, if your Uni ID is 1998989, you would simply type !member 1998989. After a few seconds, the bot should respond and you will have the new member role. 

If you are having trouble at any stage, please contact and exec and we will be able to help get your role added.