Society History

Preface by Artalyx '09

Everything you’d ever want to know about the society’s history! The original article was brought to you by Bucko (Librarian 2003-2004... president a bit... and general society god). Many thanks!


(Referenced as 1997-1998 in the archives)

This section details the goings on before we had our fabled Anime and Manga Society:

Back in the sorrowful time of 1997, The University of Warwick, had no Anime and Manga Society. However, we did have a particularly active Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (”U-suf-n-fus”), and ye, from here did the Anime and Manga Society schism. You see, it was upon this year of old that our Grand Founding President, (know here forth as “Stuart”) happened across the university, and he did harken upon the lack of Anime there. His great plan was to infiltrate the University society for one year, and upon learning the rites and customs therein, to spawn a society of his own.

Back then, UWSF&FS had 200+ members, did games meetings, socials, trips to Birmingham, pub crawls, and its members would devote entire weekends to the watching of videos and the playing of games. Having no other place to gather, the sparse collection of anime and manga fans collected here, and it was here that The Great Stuart came across Ben, a Burn Up fan.

From out of the woodwork, the group also came to include Steven Wassal, a barkeeper and later projectionist, and the final founder, Andrew Shore. This motley crew proceeded to corrupt the young and inexperienced minds of UWSF&FS, using the society’s video weekends to show many anime classics such as Dragon Half, Tenchi Muyo and El Hazard, and went on to invade Stuart’s kitchen and perform all-nighter showings of anime goodness.

It was this corruption, plus an anime evening at the end of the year which provided the marketing needed for spark off the society’s initial membership.

The Society Becomes Official

(Referenced 1998-1999)

Having found the minimum 30 members, and some exec, the society was officially started within the Union with the impressive budget of £50, plus £1.50 per member.

The Exec - Founders

President - Stuart Middleton

Stuart, foolishly thinking it’d look good on his CV, opted for this job. With 5-6 years of anime experience behind him, some experience on other society execs and “quite a videos,” he made probably a good choice, despite having “never really got into fandom much.” Stuart claims to sport an anime purchase of £6 per minute.

Secretary - Steven Wassal

Steven saw no reason to object to being the secretary. He was a rather more avid fan than Stuart (and still apparently does stuff for the London Anime Club).

Treasurer - Andrew Shore

Andrew sort of ended up coming along for the ride, but was very welcome (we never really got enough cash that he had to do much). He’s still into the anime scene and has even made appearances on convention committees with such esteemed positions as “committee mascot” no change there then.

Video Officer - Ben Carter

Despite holding the least impressive title, Ben was the big gun! When he was in the society, he was the webpage designer of, a freelance writer for gaming magazines, and heavily involved in the anime scene. He wrote a number of articles for Manga Mania, and is more recently known for writing the software that runs most UK anime cons today, as well as having been in senior committee positions for a number of UK Cons (he’s currently Technical Officer at both Ayacon and Minamicon). See if you can find Ben’s final year project on the internet (it’s called “SASAMI” - I kid you not).

The Exec - Voted in in Spring:

As well, as the original four, we gained:

Librarian - Christina Leong

Really enthusiastic, but dropped out in her second year and went down south. As of early 2004, she’s apparently in the University of Middlesex and “watches anime on occasion.”(?)

Librarian - Hiromi Waki

Our only ever Japanese member (at the time of writing) - she was only around for a few terms, as she graduated - and is now in Singapore(?). Sometimes when we were setting up the room she would start doodling on the board. She was an AMAZING artist and as soon as anyone noticed, she quickly scrubbed it off before anyone could see it (much to our frustration - she could have filled a board with scenes from that week’s shows in ten to fifteen minutes, she was that fast and good - she was just shy about it).

She also didn’t get along with the Japanese society (Stuart - “something I can sympathise with considering their attitude when I asked their exec about publicising our society to their members”).

Unknown Role - Adam

Was only on the exec for one term, before he dropped out and tried his look at another university. Most notable for bringing his (real) sword to a weekly showing and drawing it when the lights are out. Don’t worry - we’ll try to stop this ever happening again!

Publicity(?) - Alan

Also dropped out after not-so-long. Alan got fame for eating an entire chocolate orange within the space of the first episode each week, before moving onto his other snacks. :) Alan still hangs around in Coventry.

Equal Ops - Matt

(No infomation given in records)


The society scraped in with just over 30 members - a little disappointing, but not all that surprising, since the society was new. Steve had produced moderately impressive promotional video that got shown at the Fresher’s Fayre (but didn’t seem to help with membership).

What Happened?

Weekly Showings:

At first, we did these in S0.19 (and were allocated the Men’s Toilets in Social Studies for a brief while - it apparently seats over 30 people!), and showed everything on a TV. Not much is known of the showings back then, but we know Fushigi Yuugi featured. Ben did reviews for stuff, and hence we got hold of a few early review copies of things, as well as buying in some of the major fansubs (the internet wasn’t the haven for anime back then that it is now!). Later on, we were allowed into S0.21 and other rooms and used the data projectors.


Attempts were made at doing a two hour showing, with a one hour social afterwards, but these didn’t really kick off (only about six people turned up, three obsessed with Final Fantasy). They got scrapped, and the society started doing three hour showings instead.

Anime Central Meetings:

The society did bi-monthly trips to Anime Central meetings in Birmingham - which involved leaving campus on foot at the ungodly hour of 7am to walk to the bus stop because there weren’t any to campus. Still, there were apparently people crazy enough to do this!

The Early Years

Having the considerable experience of One Year in the Business, the Anime and Manga Society went on to experience another.

The Exec

The exec became a little slimmer than at the end of the previous year due to the sheer number of people who just weren’t around any more...

President - Stuart Middleton

Secretary - Steven Wassal

Treasurer - Andrew Shore

Video Officer - Ben Carter

Equal Ops - Matt

The Exec - Voted in in Spring

It was the now the founders’ final years, so most of them weren’t standing. The new exec were (as far as is known):

President - Matt

(?) - Hue/Huw/Hugh(?)

Equal Ops - Adam Sweetman


Around 30 again, probably. (Artalyx wasn't that specific on the actual numbers here).

What Happened?

Weekly Showings:

Continued to happen, firstly in S0.21 on a Data Projector, then onto a TV, then into a room in the Ramphal Building. Why? we’d asked Senate House if we could use the data projector to show our stuff, and they’d OK-ed us, but when Audio Visual Services found out, they went ape and decreed that we needed to pay them £30, plus yet more money for one of their aforesaid apes to come and push a few buttons for us. So we moved onto a TV, and when things had cooled down a little, found a room in the Ramphal Building that was free from the evil clutches of AV Services.

We showed Neon Genesis Evangelion (there was apparently a debate over whether to show the last two episodes!) and the original Slayers series, as well as Elf Princess Rane, Gravitation, Moldiver, possibly Serial Experiments Lain, and CLAMP Campus Detectives. During the third term, we also showed a bunch of Ghible films like Porco Rosso, Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro, and some of Card Captor Sakura, Love Hina and Kare Kano during the third hour.

The CLAMP Campus Detectives Incident:

Marked the all-time low in turnout to a weekly showing, ever. Starting with over 20 people, we showed CLAMP Campus Detectives, and finished up with about 4. :)

Attempts to get anime shown at Student Cinema:

Largely failed, due to changes there making this sort of thing quite difficult.

The Constitution:

(As far as I am aware, this is still the current (2018) constitution somehow... - MrPorky)

The Union gained a new level of beurocracy, and produced a whole list of forms for us to fill in. The most infamous was the “constitution.” (Actually, this was more like a fill-in-the-blank form where we’d write the aims and objectives of the society). It was originally worded to say “we will not show hentai.” At the time, hentai was the image associated with anime (and at early 2004, it pretty much still is!, (Note the majority of this was written in 2009)) - so we thought it’d be a good idea to, y’know, not show it. The Union crossed out that bit (not removed; crossed out) - thus giving us no argument about avoiding showing porn!

We also had to say something in Equal Ops about showing yaoi (gay hentai) and presumably yuri (lesbian hentai) as well as straight hentai.

The Video Library:

The year before saw our first moderate budget being put to the Union. We got £500 to spend, which saw us buying Slayers and Escaflowne (and maybe some other stuff).


The Early Years (Part II)

Still in Ramphal, the society began its first year with none of the founding members around.

The Exec:

Having not left over the holidays, the exec remained as it was at the end of the previous year:

President - Matt

The Exec - Voted in in Spring:

The second of our two-year-running presidents, Matt got voted in once again.

President - Matt


This year saw membership boost right up into the 70s.

What Happened?

Weekly Showings:

For most of the year, we were in the Ramphal Building, as before. As a part of their continuing campaign against letting us do anything, once again AV Services went bananas and kicked us out of Ramphal. We were relegated to using a little room at the top of Humanities - and numbers in attendance dropped to as low as a dozen.

Stuff Happens

This marks the year we got our projector!

The Exec:

Again, pretty much unknown, bar:

President - Matt

The Exec - Voted in in Spring:

President - Claire Finder

Possibly best known for running and ruffling people’s hair, Claire stood unopposed in the elections for President.

Social Secretary - Laura Wiltshire

Librarian - Laura Wiltshire

Laura Stood as both librarian and social secretary. An anime fan of several years, she arranged some varied socials, and attempted to create a database for the library, but that never really got off the ground.

(?) - Dave CappsWe

(?) - Adam Sweetman

Standing for treasurer to get access to the zip drives in the Union North Resources Room, Adam got voted in as Treasurer.

Webmaster - Moz, and later someone else

Moz was a crazy guy. He had a belt of some sort in just about every martial art, and I have hazy memories of him demonstrating this during a trek back from the pub in Earlsdon.

What Happened?

Weekly Showings:

Thanks to the mammoth effort of a bid for some £2000 of kit (it was worth a try, we mused; much to our surprised, it turned out to be true!), this year we got a data projector of our own and were no longer at the mercy of AV Services, nor did we need to use a TV. We did showings in L4 every Tuesday night. After a small amount of argument and disorganisation at the first showing (eventually Photon, Dragon Half and something else), we showed Slayers NEXT and Nadesico, about half of Bebop and Miscellaneous Other Stuff (a lot of Oruchuban Ebichu, for instance). The final showing was our soon-to-be-traditional kareoke night.

The Bebop Incident:

Not long after becoming president, Claire (must to the annoyance of almost all of the society) decided Bebop sucked, and decreed it must go. It did.

Exec Infighting:

Claire, being lovely and all didn’t really do much. Not many people appreciated this, and at one point Claire refused to do a speech in front of the society and got thrown over Matt’s Shoulder and dumped outside as an end result, and did it himself. It all culminated in a grand (though secretive and never followed through) plan to attempt a vote of no confidence and get a new president. But that was something internal.


We ran actual socials! Originally organised by the ever-prominent Matt, we held a few (at unknown locations) before Laura took over and sent us to at the very least The City Arms in Earlsdon and The Cask and Bottle in Leamington. From bucko: I have vivid memories of the walk back from Earlsdon, and slightly less vivid memories of doing the Cask and Bottle Challenge - I still have the T-Shirt! (Ewww, no-one ever throw up on the bus while sitting next to me again.)


In an attempt to test the power of the constitution, Laura decided we should show some porn. The infamous Eva Hentai was put forth by her, and despite objections, got shown.

Quoth Fiona: “But it’s really well drawn - look at the effort that’s gone into it” haunts me to this day, as do some of the more bizarrely translated lines.

Society Happenings

Lacking an active president, the society fell into a temporary state of anarchy.

The Exec

The webmasters swapped, but the rest of the exec remained the same.

The Exec - Voted in in Spring

Once again, a mostly fresh exec.

President - Michelle

Madly enthusiastic about doing a lot of stuff, which never really got done unfortunately, Michelle stood unopposed as president.

Librarian - Rob Meerman

Librarian - Jasper Thrussel

Getting an equal number of votes, Rob and Jasper opted to both have the Librarian position. Rob is somewhat famous for having really big hair and Jasper, well. Jasper was Jasper.

Equal Opportunities - Colin Mayhill

The first “chibi” exec member to our knowledge, Colin stood unopposed as EquiOps, and since no-one wanted to hurt him, got in.

Technical Officer - Ben Chandler

Secretary - Euan MacGregor

Webmaster - David Buckley/Rob Meerman

With some nonsensical speech about his Perl skills, bucko got in as webmaster, and spent all summer writing a madly complicated engine to run the website on.

Social Secretary - Mike Smith

A big fan of mecha and anime that has some inner meaning, Mike stood unopposed.

Treasurer - Adam Sweetman


Once again, we got about 75.

What Happened?

Weekly Showings:

Happened as per usual in our now comfortable home of L4. We showed RahXephon and Lost Universe, then Hellsing and Lain. Random things also got in including some of Abenobashi Magical Shopping District, Mahoromatic and Ebichu. The third term, after Hellsing and Lain, became a Themed Anime term. Each week, the exec picked a theme and brought 6 titles along to represent that theme and showed one episode from each. To our memories, we had Mecha, Catgirls, Guns and Ninjas, Space, Love, Magical Girl and Cute.

We ended the term with our traditional Kareoke Night.


Kinda didn’t happen at the start of the year - excepting a one hour period after one or two of the early showings. Mike brought in bi-weekly socials after his election, all of which in The Graduate. Turnout was on average about 8. The Real Ale festival in term 2 saw AnimeSoc turning up with about 11 members and producing the monstrous tower of (plastic) glasses you can see in the gallery (if I have updated the new site with the gallery - If a future webmaster wants this, try and get in contact with me, MrPorky for the files).

Video Weekends:

We ran three video weekends. One for each Slayers Series.

Mailing List:

The exec started up an exec mailing list which got some insane amount of traffic at times, and was utterly dead at others.

Mascot Competition:

We had a mascot competition to determine who would be the Publicity Officer. Only one entry actually was submitted, and, well, it won. Dooky was therefore cop-opted into the exec.


A lot of stuff happened this year. Well, a lot of exec stuff anyway.

The Exec

No-one dropped out, and no-one left for other reasons, so exec was the same as got voted in, with the newly co-opted George Hutcheon. However, Rob pointed out that bucko’s website had no graphics, and feeling the desire to make a website with said graphics, became webmaster himself. Bucko was left floundering and finally settled on Communication Officer, whose newly invented job was to mail the society every week.

The Exec - Voted in in Spring

There was a fierce competition for places on the exec. Ben resigned; Mike and Adam were voted off and Michelle was voted off but given the Technical Officer position on the basis that she actually had plans for it.

President - Rob Meerman

Secretary - Euan Macgregor

Treasurer - Colin Mayhill

Equal Ops - Colin Mayhill

Webmaster - Taz

Social Secretary - Cat Rawlinson

Communications Officer - Cat Rawlinson

Publicity Officer - George Hutcheon

Librarian - David Buckley

Technical Officer - Michelle D’Israeli

Society Mascot (Evil Fangirl) - Vicky Hamilton-Morris

What Happened?

Weekly Showings:

Went on as normal. We showed Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 and Azumanga Daioh, then She - The Ultimate Weapon and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. The less said about the non-Triad fansubs of Azumanga, the better. In a break with tradition, we didn’t use the first showing as a “baptism of fire,” but instead used it to demonstrate the “best in anime” - selected episodes from The Animatrix, Cowboy Bebop, etc. The third hour became a voted period - rather than the exec picking something, people were free to bring anything they liked (that was about an hour long) and the attendees voted on it.

Video Weekends:

We had one in the first term showing The Vision of Escaflowne, and for the first time in the history of the society, two in the second term: most of El Hazard and a “miscellaneous movies, OVAs etc” weekend, which was basically like an extended third hour. We’re interested in doing this again.

The Website:

For the first time in recent history, the society actually got an up to date Website (written in php, it's as awful as you can imagine after 10 years of different webmasters; Note, not the current site). With a bunch of content submitted by David Buckley, and a lot of design-work and updating from Rob Meerman, the website was formed. We also got an online version of the library for the first time (possibly ever), and for the first time in the recorded history of the society a complete account of the weekly showings was kept - this details what was shown along with links to other prominent website (AniDB and AnimeNfo).

Later that year an Exec area was introduced, and the library and schedule systems were modified to be database driven and a fancy collections of web-forms on the site were introduced for keeping them up-to-date. The Exec area was eventually intergrated with the forum, so user authentication was handled by the forum.

The Forum:

The forum was spawned to suck up everyone’s time. Pulling in almost 500 posts per month for the first two months, the forum became a hive of activity, where announcements were made, discussion was held, etc. By October of 2004, the Forum had over 7000 posts from 50 users, and misc mods were introduced by Rob (spoiler text formatting, user-selectable genres which dictated rank images, etc).

Warwick Cinema:

We were trying to get a joint showing with these guys, of Spriggan from ADV Films. Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping the film from the US, the showing fell through.


Also new on the website was the reviews section. We used it to get (free) review copies from a small collection of UK-based anime releasing companies, notably MVM who sent us 6 DVDs within a week of inquiring.


(Forenote, this may be the wrong year, and every subsequent year may be out by one. I really don't know what year the archives are on - MrPorky)

The Exec (Voted in Spring)

President - Robert Meerman

Treasurer - Colin Mayhill

Secretary - Euan Macgregor

Webführer - Taher Abouzeid (aka Taz)

Libarian - David Buckley (aka Bucko)

Communications Officer - Catherine Rawlinson


Publicity - George Hutcheon (aka Dooky)

Technical - David Buckley (aka Bucko)

Equal Opps - Colin Mayhill

Evil Fan Girl - Victoria Hamilton-Morris


We got about 80 members.

What Happened?

OVA/Movie Weekend:

After discussing it on the website’s forum we held a video weekend, but instead of deciding before-hand what to show we brought a pool on anime OVAs and movies, and the assembled group chose what to watch. This worked well, but as usual didn’t have a very large turn-out.


Anthony Loh (aka SohoLoh) proposed that the society create their own manga-styled web-comic, this idea was met with much enthusiasm and after a short delay and a few mishaps getting the first chapters done, took off quite nicely. At the time of writing (Sun, 27 Mar 2005) the ImproManga consists of 75 pages and has it’s own area in the website.

Push for change of audience:

AnimeSoc at the time was made up almost solely of science students, and we felt this was partly because the exec was entirely of the science variety, partly because anime is distributed through the ultimate geek-medium: the internet, and partly because we simply didn’t advertise in Humanities.

So we prepared some large, colourful publicity and put it up around the Humanities building, including a small blurb about the series and strategically placing the adverts by elevators where people would likely be waiting. The success of this was limited, as the humanities department don’t take kindly to posters which arn’t on noticeboards, no matter how pretty they might be.


We held a bowling social which was quite successful. We also held a social to see Zatoichi at the Warwick Student Cinema which wasn’t particularly well attented, possibly because it was the first social we organised as a society in that academic year (Oct 2004).


AnimeSoc were blessed with a large budget (sadly lacking funding for “The Human Instrumentality Project”, as the SUnion denied our budget of £1,000,000,000) and had plenty of library material available. An end-of-term competition was organised as an art competiton, with the lucky winner taking their pick of the library as a prize!

We also held an anime quiz at the end of the summer term, which proved quite popular. It featured “Identify the obscure reference”, picking the odd-one-out, identifying animes by their explosions, stating the names of Seyuu and possibly others (my memory is hazy).

Attempt to reorganise nominations:

We were constantly running over-time as nominations were a popular section of our evening and much time was spent getting people into position to rant about how great their nominated material was. We tried to ensure people emailed us before hand so we could compile lists to send in the weekely emails, but this failed dismally.


The website under-went a number of changes (no thanks to the elected webmaster, I might add), with RobM integrating the site with the forum, enabling the Exec area to be managed in an easy manner, with up-to-date member-lists and dynamic news and impromanga pages, generated by reading particular forums which only certain members were able to start new threads in.

The website also became XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant and considerably more accessable - scaling well to those that use absolutely massive fonts (such as Colin Mayhill) and also became much more text-only compatible for those dial-up moments when pictures just seem too much hassle.

The site got hacked a couple of times through some minor exploits of the forum, which were patched afterwards and no data was lost. We also had some fun problems with guest-posting, receiving all kinds of rubbish and spam.

Society DivX player:

After much whining from RobM about using his laptop at showings and how it took away from his enjoyment, and AnimeSoc’s failure to build a society PC, we looked into getting a society DivX player as they are relativly cheap.

Warwick TV:

WTV was beginning to pick up pace at this time, and was charged with providing visuals at the Metropolis event, and approached us asking if we’d like to produce anything for the theme of Tokyo.

While the idea proved very popular, no one stepped up to produce anything. For reasons irrelevant to this history, WTV did not do the visuals in the end, and Union Ents did instead, AnimeSoc were contacted by Union Ents and we ended up supplying multiple DVDs for them to show on the screens, and even in a small screening area they setup.

It is not know how popular this was, as no-one on the exec attended the Metopolis events.

eXtreme All-Nighter:

Cat’s idea for an all-night event of horrible, offensive anime was finally realised, and while not attended by the RockSoc crowd we were partly exepecting, it proved very popular with those who spent the night with us in Lib1.

Unfortunately the event clashed with CompSoc’s LAN party, and this may have lost us some of our nocturnal event goers.

Another competition!

We held another art competition and had considerably more entrants than the previous year. The winning entry was of particualr note: a fully animated Tachikoma (from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) wandering about our usual meeting place (L4) and exploring the stuff we left behind, complete with a japanese sound track (taken from the series) and all-new subtitles. See 2004-5 Winter competition.

AnimeSoc NWO

The anime society underwent some serious restructuring, reducing the exec to just 5 core positions:

New exec:

President - Colin Mayhill

Treasurer - Seb Rochefort

Secretary - Euan MacGregor

Librarian - Terry Fitzgerald

Head of Tactical Strategic Public Propaganda - Katie Hassell

Webführer - Robert Meerman

The webführer no longer being elected, as it was felt that a popularity contest is no way to choose a position that relies on technical competance. RobM took the role, although he would not be able to keep it as he graduates at the end of the summer term.


We got 86 offical members, and 5 external ones.

What Happened?

Website becomes a wiki:

Partly due to being 1337, and partly out of the worry that no-one would continue his work, RobM converted the website into a Wiki, while somehow maintaining the look and feel and magically integrating the exisiting site and forum into the new DokuWiki system. The old page names were setup to forward to their new wiki’fied counterparts. The forum continued to recieve anonymous spam, which entertained us greatly, one of which was hijacked as the offical “Maria-sama ga Miteru” thread as both featured catholic school girls and lesbianism.

Among other changes, the website gained a new and improved library management system and ability to add arbitary induviduals to our mailing list and a portal to the university’s Light Directory (though LDAP) allowing us to verify university IDs which are not in our local database.


Ayacon announced that they’d be holding their next convention here at Warwick! We were naturally very happy about this, and knew they’d been in contact with the university as they’d contacted AnimeSoc first asking to be pointed in the right direction.

Apparently one of the con’s panel was a founding member of our very own AnimeSoc!

AnimeSoc Syndicate

The structure of the exec has changed yet again as we now have three divisions under the Tactical & Strategic Public Propoganda Core to make it run more effectively. At the start we enslaved Rob as our Webführer (done so successfully he didn’t even know!) once again with the vision of enlisting a replacement who is more central. This vision was soon realised in the form of Fred Emmott.

History was made that fateful day of elections swearing in an exec consisting of fresh (as in freshers!) women apart from Terry, the old salt, and John Haskell, the shanghaied bruiser. This reflected on the gender balance amongst our members with more women coming to anime than in previous years which is great to see.

06-07 Exec:

(once again, not sure about the dates, may need updating)

President - Terry Fitzgerald

Treasurer - Nicola Tomson

Secretary - Lauren Reynolds

Librarian - John Haskell (resigned)

Tactical & Strategic Public Propoganda Core - (?)

Communications Division - Sarah Camp

Blog Control Division - Nelli Ferenczi

Records and Publication Division - Claire Whitelock

Webführer - Fred Emmott

Using the cherished system of democracy Terry volunteered to be Equal Opps.

Exec Shake Up

Mid Summer Term however John resigned over a disagreement over responsibility with Terry making history in the process. Mark Henderson volunteered to fill the gap. Nelli and Claire both resigned at the start of the new academic year because of conficting timetables and such. This left the exec as follows.

President - Terry Fitzgerald

Treasurer - Nicola Tomson

Secretary - Lauren Reynolds

Librarian - Mark Henderson

Publicity/Social Exec - Sarah Camp

Webführer - Fred Emmott


At the start of our prosperous reign we had 63 internal and 8 external members. At the end we have 99 internal and 8 external members!

What's Happening?


We will be ‘suscribing’ to the american edition of NewType, a mainstream popular anime magazine. This will ensure a supply of sweet freebies aswell as keeping our members upto date of what’s happening on the anime scene in Tokyo, Japan. We’re constantly going to refresh them and give the old copies away to our members so we won’t be weighed down!

Bi-weekly socials:

From week 15 onwards we’re looking to do socials every fortnight on Saturday afternoons in the Graduate Pub. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to socialise in a laid back atmosphere that will help the society become closer.


We’re eager to go as a society to watch anime on the big screen! Soon there will be GitS: Innocence and after that Howl’s Moving Castle. GitS was, of course, good but Howl’s proved to be a dissapointment for those that went as it was dubbed when they said prior that it would be otherwise.

Art Competitions:

Another effort to make the society more active! This first of many is a T-shirt design competition. The winner gets their design on a T-shirt and anybody who enters gets a poster from our store.

Video Weekend:

On the 25th and 26th of Feb the soc is doing a Video Weekend of Classics which is targeted at people who are not familiar with anime but are aware of the big names such as Akira etc and want to see them.

We had another Classics Video weekend on the 21st and 22nd of October which was a success.


Happening at the end of the spring and summer term with a healthy mix of silliness and controversy.

Yaoi & Yuri Fest and a SUSHI social:

Happened on the 9th of June in association with Pride Soc. Initial idea was to all go out to a chinese idea but instead we opted to do our own sushi social! The food was exceptional and the anime controversial - just the way we like it.

Impromange Mark 2:

We have initiated a new impromanga which the new people can get more involved in. Nikki started it and overseeing it, contact her to get to know more.

Freshers Stall:

We had the best freshers stall without a doubt! Who can beat a bunch of ninjas!

The AnimeSoc Régime

The elections came along for the new year and the exec was once again changed quite considerably. The structure remained the same, with the exception of an extra librarian to help with the extra load. However, almost every member was new (or returning) to the exec:

07-08 Exec

President - bucko

Treasurer - Tom Blake

Secretary - Paris

Librarians - Mark Henderson & Nick Chivas

Publicity/Social Exec - Dave Grist

Webführer - Fred Emmott

What changed?

While many of the exec changed, little was different about the society. The weekly showings remained in the same format, socials continued to go ahead, a quiz was held at the end of each term (each with delicious cake for the winners) and general fun was had. There were, of course, a couple of things different:

Halls Raids:

Having been a member of the society since Time Immemorial, and enthusiastic about the direction it was now to take, our new president developed a similarly new progaganda initiative: on the first Saturday and Sunday of term one (i.e. Fresher arrival days), certain exec memebers were to tailgate into on-campus halls of residence and distribute a large number of leaflets and posters to each kitchen. This proved to be far more engaging and less annoying to the denizens than it sounds; it gave us the opportunity to chat with them about our fair society and its actions, and as it turned out, a surprising number of freshers were casual watchers of the more well-known anime. Our efforts culminated with the first official showing of term, where a reassuringly huge number of new members showed up.

Exec/Society Meetings:

In an attempt to get people more involved in the society and to generally increase the efficiency of the exec, weekly meetings were introduced after showings. They were very successful; many events and proposals about the society were discussed and since all the exec and many members were present, a decision was often reached very quickly.

The Weekend of Win:

This new weekend event was introduced with the intention of showing some of those seminal series in anime. Showing two fantastic series in their entirety (Haibane Renmei and FLCL) along with gaming (including Guitar Hero and various Wii games) and a barbeque at Our Benevolent Dictator’s house. It was considered a complete success, and there are rumours of the WoW 2: The Burning Crusade, only time will tell...

Term 3 Democracy:

During term 3 it was decided not to show a full series at weekly showings unlike the previous terms. This was mostly because the exec believed many people would be too busy with revision or exams, or just too lazy, to turn up to every showing. It was thought that the society should give some façade of democracy to it’s members. Every week, up to 3 series would be submitted for a vote to the members, and the winner would be shown in the last hour of the showing. This worked well for term 3, but the society will return to it’s regular schedule with the new term.

The AnimeSoc Régime: Redux

The elections in early 2008 saw the executive committee go from strength to strength.

Firstly, the guiding hands of a few seasoned members would be present for another year: the by-now notorious immortal bucko stepped up to the plate as president once more, and Paris and Twinklefeet also reprised their roles as secretary and treasurer respectively.

However, there were also many new recruits keen to help the society by taking on the charge of execsmanship: Valentina expressed enthusiasm at the responsibility of organising rallies and distributing propaganda, and thus became Minister of Truth; Joel and Tristan succeeded Mark and Amostyx as the librarian / library minion duo. In addition, having spent a long spell without an elected webführer, Zed0 and Dom agreed to oversee the internet side of things; henceforth becoming the society webanimals.

08-09 Exec:

President - David Buckley (a.k.a. bucko)

Treasurer - Tom Blake (a.k.a. Twinklefeet)

Secretary - Paris Laskaris (a.k.a. Space_Butler)

Librarians - Joel Georgeson (a.k.a. Buugipopuu) and Tristan Goss (a.k.a. Fitzroy)

Publicity/Social Exec - Valentina (a.k.a. firefly07)

Webanimals - Ben Falconer (a.k.a. Zed0) and Dom Denham (a.k.a. Artalyx)

What happened?

Halls Raid 2: The Cirno Campaign:

Many of us took again to the highways and byways of campus for the first weekend of term attempting to garner interest for the society. Continuing the tradition of using Touhou characters instead of those from any sort of anime on promotional materials, our leaflets this time featured chibi Marissa and Advent Cirno.


The AnimeSoc Régime Kai

Unfortunatley Bucko, Paris and Joel decided to graduate this year, taking with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that we will struggle to build up again. The new exec was elected as follows, with a huge quantity of fresh blood:

09-10 Exec

President (stepped down) - Tom Blake (a.k.a. Twinklefeet)

President - Tristan Goss (a.k.a. Tristan)

Treasurer - Valentina Tondato Da Ruos (a.k.a. firefly07)

Secretary (stepped down) - Rob Steele (a.k.a. SigmaD)

Secretary - Alex Mockridge (a.k.a. Shino)

Librarians - Anees Ahee (a.k.a. dangerman) and Angela Lee (a.k.a. Mizumimi)

Publicity/Social Exec - Sophie Carroll (a.k.a. AmethystEyes)

Webanimals - Ben Falconer (a.k.a. Zed0) and Dom Denham (a.k.a. Artalyx)

Squirtle the Cabin Boy - Alex Mockridge (a.k.a. Shino)

What happened?

This lasted a short while, until Tom decided that he would step down from the position of president to square off more effectively with academia, and a reelection was called, in which Tristan was elected as President. Alex’s position was created in order to furnish him with an exec position, and he took on various responsibilities like managing the all-nighters and bringing a laptop to showings. Tom’s heroic laptop had to step down eventually, to enjoy a smooth retirement being lovingly dissasembled by Chinese copper reprocessors. For Alex’s efforts, he was renamed Squirtle the Cabin Boy.

Much of the running of the society stayed the same, There were quizzes and all-nighters and cake and exec meetings. There was also Higurashi. The Society watched the first series of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni in term 1, the second series in term 2, and the OVA through various parts of term 3. Newtype unfortunatley stopped distributing in the UK due to the Global Economic Crisis, leaving us with a drought of free stuff.

Yaoi & Yuri All Nighter:

This time, organised as a standard all nighter without the help of Warwick Pride, this took the place of the 5th of the 6 all nighters we hold during the year. it was a resounding success, allowing Valentina to shine in her role as yaoi enthusiast and allowing us to increment the showings of many of our favourite not-for-the-light-of-day series.


The MVM DVD relationship went from strength to strength, with over half the DVDs in the society’s library now made up of MVM Review Discs and more arriving through the post every month. The Website was changed to reflect the importance of Reviews for the society in maintaining this relationship.


There was a Barbeque held at the New New President’s house, to join in with the whole summery feel, and provide the various members of the Compsoc derivative community with yet another event at term’s end.


The Society attended SPLAT, the Warwick Student Arts Festival this year at the behest of our vigorous new publicity officer Sophie. The Society produced a suprisingly large amount of artwork and an abridged history of anime and manga to all those who wandered into the SPLAT tent.


The Regular end-of-year quiz was unfortunatley deficient in cake this year, but entertaining nonetheless. There were six rounds; Joel’s AMV round, featuring over 300 anime in only 2 minutes 20 seconds, Paris’ Doujin or Pro round, featuring both manga and music, Zedo’s OP quiz, Rob’s Anagrams, Sophie’s Androgynous Cosplayers and Bucko’s QI-style anime quiz.


We lent the projector to CompSoc, only to have them lose it! Luckily, they offered to pay us back. And then we mysteriously found the projector again, and no money was exchanged.


The Ayacon anime convention continues to be held at the Warwick Arts Centre, and strongly attended by the members of the society. It’s incredibly convenient to have a convention right next to all our rents, and we wish them the best of luck in future.

Today in AnimeSoc 5-2

(By today, this is in relation to Artalyx, not the current time :P)

Early in the new academic year, Rob decided to step down, and Alex was promoted to replace him. Several new events were introduced, including Art workshops, cosplay workshops and regular restaurant socials. After realising that our newly enlarged society (130 and counting) could not possibly fit into the phantom coach along with compsoc, we officially scrapped the pub social (although almost everyone who went before continued to go.)

10-11 Exec

President - Joel Georgeson (a.k.a. Buugipopuu)

Treasurer - Ivan Law (a.k.a. N-T-S)

Secretary - Colin Mayhill (a.k.a. Colin)

Librarians - Anees Ahee (a.k.a. Dangerman) and Brian Akperi (a.k.a. Aksan)

Publicity/Social Exec - Angela Lee (a.k.a. Mizumimi)

Webanimal - Kim Mantas (a.k.a. Fyorl)

Brigade Chief and Coventry Ambassador - Elizabeth Lincoln (a.k.a. Kuros)

Defence Minister - Tom Doherty (a.k.a. TeamDoherty)


131 as of 16th Feb 2010

What happened?



Our public profile was especially high this year; We started off with the time-tested halls raids, and managed to tag every undergrad hall on campus both inside kitchens and on public noticeboards, and repeatedly postered the busiest parts of campus through the first two weeks, frustrating every attempt by Warwick Estates to exhaust our publicity budget. We built on this by issuing a 6-society flyer (ourselves, Go, Compsoc, Sci-Fi, LARPS, Game Design) to every 1st year and a significant number of 2nd year pidgeonholes on campus about halfway through term 1, and then flyering *again* during term 2 with a more detailed animesoc-only effort. But we didn't only kill the planet via paper; Bucko continued his society clothing project with the addition of Cufflinks, Pinbadges, phone charms and other accessories featuring our now widley known logo.

DVD Acquisition:

During the early part of term 1 Tristan aided in the return of a large number (about £5,500 retail value) of DVDs to Lace (due to some Ayacon confusion), however in the course of this, some DVDs accidentally ended up in our library. Lace were kind enough to let us keep these, and our ever expanding library grew another box, pushing our own assets to almost £7000 total.

Website Revamp:

The website was renovated extensively to take advantage of PHPBB3. This was completed quickly and efficiently during the first term, so that hardly anyone noticed the massive page of lolis that passed for an "under construction" sign. Later on, we added a flexible signup system to make event planning that much easier.

Art Workshops, Cosplay Workshops, Expos:

These new events started off well, and settled down into a more standard routine after the first term. The Art workshops ran from 2pm-5pm on even numbered wednesdays, and the cosplay workshops twice a term on saturdays. Both workshops offered extensive resources and advice on the subject matter, Cake, pre-workshop Cake and in some cases post-workshop Cake.

We Attended both the London MCM expo in 2009 and the Midlands MCM expo in 2010 as a society, exercising both our planning ability and our budget. Both all-nighters and the shopping trip continued to run as before, featuring Anime, Mahjong, Munchkin and other games beginning with 'M'.

Socials, SU Bureaucracy:

We booked an entire curry house in Leamington for the first week of term to welcome our freshers, had a "regular" social in the middle of the term and finished with a wonderful christmas meal at the newly opened Cosmo Resturant in Coventry. Our dress code for the christmas social ('there may or may not be a dress code') produced some beautiful efforts from the society, all of which can be found on facebook. We also updated our constitution to fit new union rules, re-inventoried everything and worked on our budget profile with the SU in an effort to get more blood money from the stone Students' Union in the next financial cycle.


I have a lecture now, but shortly I will update with details of the ever-awesome end of term quizzes.

(spoiler, this was never done... - MrPorky)


Some anime happened

11-12 Exec:

President - Joel Georgeson (a.k.a. Buugipopuu)

Treasurer & AV Officer - Mike Clark (a.k.a.  MikeCobra)

Secretary - Colin Mayhill (a.k.a. Colin)

Librarians - Tom Doherty (a.k.a. TeamDoherty), Elizabeth Lincoln (a.k.a. Kuros) and Alex Martin (a.k.a. EvilGenius666)

Publicity/Social Exec (Filled in term 1 EGM) - Felix (a.k.a. Welix92)


Some anime happened?

12-13 Exec

President - Tom Doherty (a.k.a. TeamDoherty)

Treasurer - Mike Clark (a.k.a.  MikeCobra)

Secretary - Alex Martin (a.k.a. EvilGenius666)

Librarians - Scott, Becky (a.k.a. Pokawaii) and Cern (a.k.a. Zerin)

Publicity/Social Exec - Matt (a.k.a. Murtag)


Some anime happened?

13-14 Exec

President - Mike Clark (a.k.a.  MikeCobra)

Treasurer - Matt (a.k.a. Murtag)

Secretary - Becky (a.k.a. Pokawaii)

Publicity/Social Exec - Sean

AV Officers - Alex Martin (a.k.a. EvilGenius666), Varun and David

Librarians - Michi, Alex and Oli


Some anime happened?

14-15 Exec

President - David Morris (a.k.a. Demo)

Treasurer & AV Officer - Varun (a.k.a. Vergo)

Secretary - Alice Fitzgerald (a.k.a. hermit)

Art Officer - Cern (a.k.a. Zerin)

Librarians - James Whittaker (Brokastel), Armand Bernard (a.k.a. Armand1) and Archil Kvekvetsia

Publicity/Social Exec - Lucy


Some anime happened?

15-16 Exec

President - Alice Fitzgerald (a.k.a. hermit)

Treasurer & Tech Officer - Varun Golani (Vergo)

Secretary - Armand Bernard (a.k.a. Armand1)

AV Officer - David Morris (a.k.a. Demo)

Librarians - John Green (Cyberia), James Whittaker (Brokastel) and Joseph Lennard

Publicity/Social Exec - Harry Hewer

Health and Safety Officer - Archil Kvekvetsia